Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Tide is Turning

Every morning I take the train into London and join a dense river of people walking into the commercial district. This population of office workers is a great resource for marketeers, and on a daily basis I am handed everything from free newspapers to product samples, and promotional leaflets offering every conceivable service. This week I was handed this leaflet for a dating agency.

I don't need it, but I thought I would pass it on. The thing that struck me about it is the caption. The unique selling point is that the women are 'unspoiled by feminism'. My regular readers will already know my views on dating Western women. More and more men are waking up to the fact that they don't have to put up with this crap any more, and it seems that commercial service providers are now beginning to recognise this.

I think this is yet more evidence that the tide is beginning to turn. The idea that someone would hand out leaflets like that would have been almost unthinkable ten years ago.

Some of my male friends have just abandoned relationships altogether, and are resigned to remaining single. These are decent guys with good jobs and money to spend. They would make ideal husbands, but they have just given up, put off by the behaviour of their female peers, verbally abusive, selfish and grasping, endlessly difficult and demanding. I find that sad. I, however, was never cut out for a life of celibacy. I am recommending all the guys I know to date foreign girls, and find out what women should be like.

This dating agency specialises in introducing British men to women from the Czech Republic. It is further evidence that my prediction will come true. Globalisation will be the death of feminism. As I have already highlighted, feminists are waking up to this as well, and are already trying to implement the kind of protectionism that any 1970s trade union would be proud of. Between IMBRA in the US, and endless lies about people-trafficking in non-existent sex-slaves, feminists are trying hard to stop Western men from meeting foreign women by rigging the market. However, the market cannot be rigged forever.

Western women have only themselves to blame if they find themselves growing old alone. Feminism has led Western women to utterly abandon their responsibilities towards men and the family. Feminists then try to blame the collapse of the family on deadbeat dads and feckless fathers (not that they approve of stereotyping, or anything). Western women now expect to have relationships entirely on their own terms. In Western culture, a man's responsibilities are still towards his wife and children - that hasn't changed. However, a woman's responsibilities are now only towards herself and other women. The feminist movement has manipulated them into thinking that if they do not treat men like slaves, then they are selling out politically, demeaning themselves and betraying the sisterhood.

So be it. My body, my choice. The personal is political. I hope your sisters will support you in your old age, but frankly I doubt it.

It is not even as if this bizarre world-view makes them happy. Precisely the opposite. When is the last time you met a happy feminist? They are deeply miserable creatures. Why would you think to date one of them? Not only are they wretched company, endlessly abusive and complaining, chronically aggrieved, interested only in themselves, but they are about as much fun in bed as a wet Sunday afternoon in Wolverhampton.

In fact that was probably the issue. Feminists know full well that they have nothing much to offer as partners, and are full of resentment. If men don’t find me attractive, that cannot possibly be my fault, it must be their fault for being stupid and narrow-minded. Or it could be because of the social construction of the beauty myth. We must forcibly re-engineer the popular understanding of beauty so that they do find me attractive (Good luck with that). In the mean-time we must break up as many other happy relationships as we can (what Valerie Solanas called ‘couple-busting’, a most female form of revenge).

It is interesting to note that marriage has actually never gone out of fashion among the upper-class and many ethnic minority communities. It is only in the indigenous British underclass that we see family breakdown, the work of left-wing activists with social work degrees, who believe that marriage and the family are oppressive to women. It is ironic that the Left has long claimed to be the champion of the working-class, and yet has, in the last forty years, done its best to utterly destroy it, by taking away the two things that it needed most: the family, and education.

Have you noticed also that getting married is perfectly acceptable as long as you are gay? Since the introduction of civil partnerships a few years ago, gay people have been flocking to get married. It is only heterosexuals who must not do it. Perhaps it was the politics of resentment yet again; if I can’t get married, then you shouldn’t be allowed to either.

Human nature will always reassert itself. Heterosexuality and the family are not about to go away. Day-by-day, the creepers gradually encroach upon the ruins of the Nazi settlement in the Amazon jungle. Those twentieth-century totalitarian programs were nothing but misguided folly. Mother Nature cannot be contradicted, and as a wise woman once said, Mother Nature is not a feminist.

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