Sunday, November 09, 2008

Music Video: A crime to be a man

A crime to be a man

Excellent song from a Swedish father. You are free to reproduce or embed this video.


The Dapper Swindler said...

Hello heretic, I was wondering if I could provide a link to your website in my upcoming blog. I'm a long time reader and follower, and would like to share your excellent blog with anyone who reads mine.

Heretic said...

I would be delighted if you linked to my blog.

George said...

Hi. This is not relevant to the vid, but I wondered if you had any stats for male/female sentencing disparities in the UK. I'm at Law school, and I pointed to a recent report in the US that indicates this is a major factor, and the tutor said that in the UK it is the other way round.

Which I highly doubt.

Elusive Wapiti said...

Heretic, thanks for posting this and I'll link to it tomorrow (with a H/T) over at my blog.

Heretic said...

This link might be of use.

Just try googling on UK Sentencing statistics, or go to the Dept of Justice website.

It is good to see young college-age men like yourself becoming conscious of these issues, and particularly in fields like law.

It is depressing, but not very surprising, to hear that your tutor is motivated by political correctness rather than evidence.

There is clearly a prejudice against punishing women as severely as men. In the Victorian school system, teachers had two canes; a big one for boys and a small one for girls. This culture is very deeply ingrained.

Sentencing women is even more complicated if they have children; it is not thought to be in the interests of the child to jail the mother.

Why don't you research the issue and then we'll co-write an article about it if you like. It's about time I looked into that.

Anonymous said...

This really touched me. Now I understand why I would rather be a "Ghost" under the radar... than marry (have kids)and have to be tortured like this.

No thanks.