Tuesday, December 30, 2008

More Authoritarian PC Madness

Check out this story.

"A row has broken out at the University of Manchester after its students' union toilets were "de-gendered".

Temporary signs have made the "ladies" simply "toilets", while the "gents" have become "toilets with urinals".

The changes are in response to an unspecified number of complaints from trans students who are uncomfortable using the men's toilets.

There are no figures on the number of transsexual and transgender students believed to be among the university's population of more than 35,000 students.

The students' union welfare office declined to reveal the number of complaints, but said it was an important issue".

The video accompanying the article is well worth watching. Check out the green-haired adolescent Dworkin.

"Women's officer Jennie Killip told the BBC: "If you were born female, still present quite feminine, but define as a man you should be able to go into the men's toilets - if that's how you define".

Who is this dysfunctional teenage Stalin to dictate who can and who cannot use a men's toilet? It is the usual Left-wing mix of authoritarianism and secrecy. 'We need to take radical action which affects everyone, but we can't tell you why'. I can guess how many people complained about the current toilet signs: zero. I can guess how many transsexual students there are at any given time: zero, and never more than a tiny handful at most.

If someone perceives themselves to be of the opposite sex to that suggested by their own genitalia, is this really the most effective measure for helping them? Perhaps a visit to a clinical psychologist would be more useful.

I thought democracy was about the will of the majority. Why should the vast majority be inconvenienced for the sake of a tiny handful, who suffer no ill-effects from conventional toilets in any case? What happens to them if they go off-campus, which they inevitably must? They have grown up as a member of a species which reproduces sexually, and consists of two sexes. They must be used to the idea of male and female toilets by the time they reach university. They are intelligent people after all. No doubt this is precisely why none of them has complained.

The fact is, this has got nothing to do with helping transsexual students. It is part of a scramble for power within the small, incestuous world of student politics, a crass attempt by the tiny but vocal radical lesbian feminist lobby to foist its agenda onto all 35,000 students. No doubt they think that we in the heterosexual dictatorship are too ignorant of the issue of transsexuality, and would benefit from having our consciousness 'raised', by having it brought to our attention every time we go to the toilet.

It seems also that the rest of the student body (you know, the well-adjusted ones) want nothing to do with it.

Asked about the change, some female students questioned the move. One said: "Girls might not want to use the same toilets as boys, so then you just end up with people complaining about that - so you can't really win".

The PC BBC only asked the girls, of course. Who gives a fuck what the boys think?

I wonder if the acne-prone Dworkinette realises that the Ladies' toilets are now available to the men's rugby team. I hope that its members take full advantage of that during their well-known social soirees. Once a few straight girls complain about drunken oafs vomiting in the ladies, that will be the end of it.


paddybrown said...

Hilarious. Green-hair actually objects to the term "political correctness gone mad" on politically correct grounds - "using the term 'mad' in a derogatory fashion is disablist".

I've been saying that as a joke for years. You can't say "political correctness gone mad" - you have to say "political correctness living with a psychiatric disorder"!

Polished-X said...

Unbelievable, the secrecy and confidancially lacks grounds, democracy has been shaken and disturbed. Pure madness.

Also the lack of men/boys intervention in this video/article is also disturbing but that's to be expected..

Really, a measure to satisfy what, 1% of the population? Leaving the rest uneasy with mixed sexes in toilets and even then the interview focuses on what appears to be 50% of the affected people?

Not a good representation on the population in itself, I just hope this wave of mad political correctness doesn't grow faster than this....

Mark said...

Hmm. Wonder what the Men's Welfare Officer had to say about the subject. ...if they'd hired her yet.

In the meantime, here's an idea: how about turning green-hair's office into the gender neutral toilet? The proposal would come under the Dean's new 'Recycling waste' initiative, with the savings used to offset the costs so it would be fiscally-neutral.

...You know. Like carbon-neutral but ...'without the green' so-to-speak.

Joyful Housewife said...

I can't believe the toilet thing!! They are taking away our right to be Men and Women! Gaaaah! This really chaps my hide...

Anonymous said...

Ok, there are a few points here that need to be dissected. `
1. The BS about de-genderizing (that's a word?) the toilets. The problem faced is the few TS students (TransSexual, used here to cover all transgendered, transvestite, etc.) Those who vary from the "norm" are often at risk. See below.
2. The secrecy. Statistics don't care about secrecy, names aren't needed. Those who stick out are at risk, especially the male to female TS who doesn't QUITE pass as a female and is then forced to use a male restroom. She faces the same risk entering the men's room as a genetic woman. (We'll leave out how often they do that by choice here because the men's room line is shorter...)
3. Transsexuals and TG and etc: Gays get more acceptance than any sort of TG/TS/TV. Too many people get brutalized because of who they are, and yet - not much is done. We're talking men and women dying in the ambulance because they're cross-dressed; TS women who are sent to men's prisons; TS beaten and abused by police; targeted, a la Brandon Teena, raped and murdered. Now, we don't need hate-crimes laws - we just need to enforce the laws on the books, and perhaps stiffen the sentence due to the depravity of it. IE, First Degree Murder - instead of life in prison, ask for the death penalty. Nothing new, it's all on the books already.

signed - A Transgendered American (post 1 of 2)

Anonymous said...

(Post 2 of 2)

Now, where many commenters here will miss the problems...
You are a man. You are slight of build, but identify with any other man out there, loving sports, cars, math, whatever - you like the rough-and-tumble, respect the prowess of athletes, watch the game, etc. Do you distinguish yourself from an effeminate gay male? From a butch dyke? From Frankenstein's monster? Even HE was made from men... And the butch might be MORE masculine than you are - ride a Harley and work as a truck driver, or doing construction...
Does that make HER a MAN? I don't think she'd like to be referred to that way...
So we have pronouns and politeness, slightly off topic. It is polite to refer to the individual in question as "He" or "she" based on how the individual is presenting. IE, wearing a dress = SHE, unless going to a Packer's game with a rubber pig's nose and floppy hat. (Hope I got the right team - used as an example in a Visa commercial several years back.)
Now, if you look up ladyboys or kathoey (not sure of spelling, might have two Os), you'll find picture of genetically male people who look every inch a woman until the clothes come off, and even then, will mostly look female, and act feminine. They're not gay males as we think of them in the US, or even like swishes in the UK. They want to BE women, all the way, if they can arrange it.
There are similar people here, going both ways - male to female and female to male. Each one is at risk, though the more detectable the "deception", the greater the risk. So, a FTM going the men's room and using a stall is not likely to get too much notice, unless someone is looking for a fight. Then the more delicate features he possesses MAY cause an incident. But a MTF going into EITHER rest room faces risk - women screaming about a "MAN" entering their sacred space, or men beating the "gay" out of the fag... Or worse.
We need some compassion here. However, even without seeing the video (blocked by firewall at work), there also must be common sense. These days, it is becoming easier to start the therapy early, and the to complete a transition early, and basically be undetectable or indistinguishable from a genetic male or female. The percentage is low, and making a single "single-occupant" restroom should meet ALL needs without making things ridiculous.
Political correctness shouldn't even enter the discussion, that's not right. It should be shut down as the bunk it is.
Signed - A Transgendered American
(IE, can't stand the thought of the surgery, but wish I had access to all the goodies of being female, even with the bad points of monthly hormone issues and leering men. Hey, Men can't tease Women just by showing up, can they? Talk about "unfair"...)