Friday, February 22, 2008

More PC than VC

Check this story out:

Britain's FEMALE Spitfire pilots to receive badge of courage at last

The facts:

"...the Air Transport Auxiliary did not take part in combat, but ferried new and refitted planes to RAF bases - freeing fighter pilots to overcome German attacks. The ATA, a civilian unit founded in 1938, delivered more than 300,000 aircraft of 130 different types from factories to frontline airfields. By 1945, it had 650 pilots from 22 countries...of these, 164 were women".

I have got nothing but respect for these pilots, and for all who fought in WW2. I do, however, object to the way this story has been slanted.

The spin:

Now the 15 survivors will receive a commemorative badge Gordon Brown announced yesterday. He told the Commons: "It is right that we have recognition for those women Spitfire pilots who did so much to protect and defend the airports and other military services during the war." Their 100 surviving male colleagues will also be recognised.

Brown's quote is sickening.

'Britain's female Spitfire pilots' were not female and didn't fly spitfires. Of the ATA pilots:

  • 25% of them were female
  • 75% of them were male
  • They flew 130 different types of aircraft, one of which was the Spitfire.
  • They were civilians.
  • They were non-combatants.

These pilots - whose actual achievements I do not diminish one iota - probably did nothing "to protect and defend the airports and other military services", except that they freed combat pilots to do combat. They were delivering planes in the same way that other people delivered milk. An essential job, but let's keep it in perspective.

Brown is trying to score some feminist credibility points by giving an award to 'female Spitfire pilots' who saved the country from Hitler.

I especially liked this: "Their 100 surviving male colleagues will also be recognised."

So in reality, ALL surviving veterans are getting the same honour, and of the 115 veterans, 100 are men!

The men and women of the ATA did the same job, and they are being given the same award. If I was one of those female veterans, I would feel patronised by this cloying sentimentality, and by the fact that my experiences are being appropriated by contemporary politicians eager to grub a few votes for their own ends.

It gets worse. I did a quick internet search on the Air Transport Auxiliary, only to discover that in fact it consisted entirely of American women:

British Air Transport Auxiliary
This site is dedicated to the memory of the American women flyers who volunteered to ferry aircraft for the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy in wartime Great Britain, from 1942-45. This site tells the story of an important episode in history of World War II, in the history of aviation and in the progress of women. These American women, together with American men flyers, joined with their British counterparts, and with flyers from many other nations to form the ATA."

I kid you not. Does that seem like a gross perversion of the facts to you, or is it just me?

The next step is to pretend that men and women pilots made an equal contribution to the defeat of the Luftwaffe.

How long before Spielberg makes another war movie in which Tom Hanks jumps off his landing craft and storms Omaha Beach alongside his buddy, Cameron Diaz.

If we could read the newspapers in 100 years from now, we would probably find that in WW2, all the Axis forces were men, and all the allied forces were women.

It makes you wonder why our grandparents went to all the trouble of defeating totalitarianism at all. They wasted their time. We are living under a regime of distortion and lies all the same. What Hitler failed to achieve with bombs, the feminists have achieved with honey-tongued lies. But remember, feminists want nothing except equality.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Erin Pizzey Interview - Listen Now

Following last week's highly successful Sacramento conference on Domestic Violence, listen to shelter movement founder Erin Pizzey's interview on local radio.

Quote of the Day

Feminism...the belief that if you can't do squat yourself, keep anybody else from succeeding, and that way you'll look good by comparison.
Fred Reed

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Anthem for Doomed Youth

In London in 2007, 27 teenagers were murdered by other teenagers. The gang psychology has taken a new and unpleasant twist in the small town of Bridgend, where large numbers of teenagers have taken to committing suicide, in some kind of bizarre pact or sub-culture. At the time of writing I believe the death toll stands at 16 and shows no sign of abating.

In the UK, youths in their mid-teens exist in a cultural black hole. Too old to go out to play, too young to go to the pub, they don’t want to stay inside with mum and dad in front of the TV. They need something else to do. Yet society doesn’t provide them with much. At a time in their lives when they crave stimulation and new opportunities, particularly social contact with their peers, this age group is completely failed by society. Beyond the immediate control of their parents and too young to vote, no-one is really looking out for them.

Teenagers want to be together in groups, but they have nothing in particular to do and nowhere to go, so they just hang around the shops or the bus shelter or the park. At an age when they seek to build social status among their peers and crave new experiences, their raging hormones make them natural risk-takers, and they lack the adult wisdom needed to keep things in perspective. Without structure or supervision, it is no surprise that destructive or anti-social behavior often develops.

Older people will often see a group of teenagers and feel intimidated, even when they are not doing anything specifically anti-social. An atmosphere of suspicion develops, and is allowed to grow because of lack of communication and mutual distrust.

The only strategy on offer currently is to move them on. There is a lot of media interest currently in an electronic device which emits a sound that only teenagers can hear. This unpleasant sound causes the teenagers to move away, while leaving older people unaffected. Is this a solution to the problem of youth crime? No. It will just move them somewhere else, and by alienating them even more, it might make the problem worse in the long term.

Many teenagers are failed by an education system which does not meet their needs. Much of the blame for this lies at the door of the political Left, who have penetrated the education sector in the last forty years and imposed their own ideology upon it. They have watered down traditional educational values, condemning them as elitist. They have decried core subjects such as science and mathematics as ‘masculine linear thinking’, and undermined their position in the curriculum. They have rubbished the icons of Western intellectual history as ‘dead white European males’, but failed to replace them with anything. They have sought to rig the system so that all children have the same educational outcomes, holding back the brightest, while artificially promoting the least able. This is a gross disservice to everyone, and to the nation as a whole. Reference

Of all the damage inflicted on the education system by the feminist-led political Left, perhaps the most profound of all is the fact that men have been driven from the profession, usually by false accusations of child abuse, or fear of such, but sometimes by direct intimidation. There is evidence that the sex of the teacher does affect the learning outcomes of children. The shortage of male teachers in schools has now become so severe in the UK, that female teachers outnumber their male colleagues 12 to 1, leading to serious discipline problems:

"The number of male teachers has plummeted to an all-time low, threatening a classroom discipline crisis as a generation of boys misses out on authority role models. In parts of the country worst-hit by the male recruitment slump, fewer than 10 per cent of primary teachers are men.

But the decline has been particularly marked in secondary schools, fuelling fears of rising misbehaviour among disaffected teenage boys whose lives lack male authority figures.

Experts are concerned the lack of male role models in the classroom could have serious implications for boys' performance in exams.

It is thought to be one of the key reasons why boys now lag behind girls in every major school examination."

Surely, in the face of this, the feminist movement - which after all, seeks nothing but sexual equality - should be demanding positive discrimination in favour of males in teacher recruitment? Don't hold your breath. The feminist movement is a self-serving cult. It has no interest in equality.

Feminists in the education sector have sought to artificially promote the educational outcomes of girls in particular, claiming that Western society is a ‘Patriarchy‘ which discriminates against them. Reference In fact, the figures show that it is white working-class boys who are failing most badly, but the Left wing media seek to deny and suppress these uncomfortable facts.

The policies of left-wing educational theorists have resulted in increasing educational failure and disillusion for many. The Labour government’s response to this has been totally misguided. It focuses attention on the elementary years in order to promote basic literacy, and that is a good thing. But once children reach their teens, the focus is all about university entry. This is in effect an imposition of middle-class values on to the whole of society. Not everyone is able to pursue academic study, nor wants to. Other options need to be available. At the moment, teenagers who cannot, or do not wish to, enter university are made to feel like failures, and nothing much else is on offer. The government answer seems to be to build more universities, and to water down the entry requirements so that everyone can succeed. This is entirely the wrong approach. Not everyone shares the middle-class values of the legislators. The policy that “All must have degrees” is an absurdity; doubly so at a time when Chemistry and Physics departments are closing, and many students are being given unconvincing degrees in subjects like media studies and leisure centre management. Rather than solving the educational crisis, the policy of popularizing universities is likely to deepen it.

The feminist-led political Left has also spent the last four decades attacking fatherhood, marriage and the family. I discussed the reasons for this at some length in an earlier article. The consequences of this have been truly disastrous. Some of them were outlined in an excellent report by the think-tank Civitas in 2002.

Since then, the problems have only deepened. The evidence shows clearly that fatherlessness is the single biggest predictor of youth delinquency, worse even than poverty or ethnic group. Both boys and girls are adversely affected. By waging a political and cultural war on fathers, marriage and the family, the feminist-led political Left has consigned a generation to social and educational failure.

Having tried their best to cast boys into a life of despair on the margins of society, feminists then condemn them for their resulting anti-social behavior. In her article ‘It’s a Guy Thing’, the feminist Bea Campbell blames the UK’s increasing gang culture on the essential violence of males.

Not only is this ‘blaming the victim’, a feminist shibboleth in itself, but it is an essentialist position from someone who claims to be a social constructionist. Everything is socially created, except that women are good and men are bad. Her article perfectly illustrates the intellectual bankruptcy, self-serving opportunism and hypocrisy of the feminist movement and the political Left.

The Right has hardly served teenagers any better. There are those on the political Right, such as Thatcherites and neo-cons, who believe, as an article of religious faith, that a free market will always deliver perfect solutions. One only has to look at the US healthcare system to see that this is an absurdity.

The same can be said of the youth culture market. There is an enormous range of products aimed at teenagers, from music, to computer games, clothes and cosmetics, and yet this vast marketing effort has done nothing to ameliorate the problems of teenagers. Arguably, selling them gangsta rap CDs and violent films only makes the problem worse. The market has not delivered, and on its own, it never will.

Margaret Thatcher famously stated “There is no such thing as society, there are only individuals”. This was a remarkable statement from a woman who preached ‘Victorian family values’. Civil society flourished under the Victorians, but Margaret Thatcher was interested only in individualist economics. By manufacturing mass unemployment she destroyed whole communities in the traditional industrial areas. By slashing public spending and preaching an “Every man for himself” attitude, she dealt a shocking blow to civil society, further undermining traditional structures of social support and control. It was she who escalated the war against men by introducing the disastrous Child Support Agency. She did this only to save money on welfare benefits paid to single parents; it had nothing to do with keeping families together.

Where the family and traditional social structures vanish, the gang takes over. It is well known that children in London say that they are frightened, and carry weapons in order to defend themselves. They band together into gangs for mutual defense. The gang provides a substitute for the support they should be getting from the extended family, the community, the education system and the workplace. Because of the internal dynamics of the gang, acts of bravado are encouraged among members. Rivalry between local gangs emerges. Violence increases.

The lives of many teenagers in the UK are characterized by boredom, fear and despair. It is the Left which has failed them utterly.

The two things which teenagers need most – a good education and strong family support – have been taken from them by Marxists and feminists exactly like Bea Campbell, and we will be living with the effects for years to come.