Saturday, March 01, 2008

Globalization: The Death of Feminism

Others before me have described the origins of cultural Marxism, of which feminism and political correctness are the most dominant contemporary forms. I have already listed the Free Congress Foundation's excellent documentary on the subject, and another excellent source is Gross and Levitt's 'Higher Superstition'

As they argue, what the revolutionaries of 1968 failed to achieve on the barricades, they continued in their professional lives, and particularly in the academic classroom.

Twentieth century Marxists realized that classical Marxism wasn't working, and that Marxist economics was a failure, so they switched their attention to culture instead, attacking marriage and the family, and penetrating education, the media, the civil service and the charity and voluntary sectors, even the churches, in order to promote their agenda, by undermining all the principal institutions of Western society.

Today, sectors traditionally regarded as 'women's issues', such as child protection and domestic violence, are substantially under the control of radical Marxist-feminists, with catastrophic consequences. Divorce has been promoted as a form of revolution. Every family they break up, every man they destroy, is another blow for the cause.

Margaret Thatcher, whom I hated at the time, but respect more on hindsight, did a lot to undermine classical Marxism in Britain, by confronting the Marxist-dominated trade unions. Unfortunately, though, she did very little to combat cultural Marxism. Like most people, she was probably largely unaware of it, while living in the middle of it. Perhaps we need another leader like her to take on the anti-family movement. I don’t see any sign of that happening in the immediate future though.

My own view is that cultural Marxism will be killed off in the end by globalization.

Middle-class women in this country have been trained from birth to despise men, and to regard marriage as slavery. They are refusing to get married and have children. We are short of workers, and so we have large numbers of immigrants from places like Poland and Eastern Europe. These people lived under Marxism and hated it. They are now re-embracing religion, getting married and having families. These immigrant communities are an enormous asset to us in combating cultural Marxism.

At the same time, many western men, such as myself, have given up on western women altogether. The 'marriage strike' is a growing concept in the men's movement. They have created a situation in which getting married is just not worth it for men. No doubt they did this deliberately; providing economic and cultural disincentives to marry is a very effective way of undermining marriage. However, they reckoned without the effects of globalization. The marriage strike should only apply to Western women in my view. We should be actively seeking foreign brides, who will give us the kind of marriage we want.

Of course there is a movement against this, by decrying any man who takes a foreign wife as desperate, or a sexual deviant. The US has even enacted a law called IMBRA to try to prevent American men taking foreign brides. The feminists can already see the danger that the marriage strike and globalization present.

It won't be long before these feminists realize that for all their big offices and power-suits, they are going to die alone and childless. It is an evolutionary dead-end.

Young women are already saying that they aspire to be footballers' wives or glamour models rather than captains of industry.

Meanwhile, science is progressing rapidly in evolutionary theory and life-sciences, and the dogma of the 1960s, that everything is socially constructed, is fading fast, both in academia and in popular culture.

This century is going to see the rise of China and India as major powers, and we will be competing with them in a global economy. Cultural Marxism will not be at the top of their agenda. Making money will. We are being crippled by cultural Marxism, and we either confront it or we lose out to other countries.

Feminism is based on Marxism, and on the politics of envy, and sustains itself by lies and deception. It cannot last forever. Feminism is doomed in the long term, a historical flash in the pan, just like the Soviet Union.

They dream of bringing about a global revolution, but this is simply not going to happen. The factors I have described will come together within the next generation or so, and that will be the end of it, one way or the other. Western society will either recover itself in time or disappear forever, but whichever way it goes, and although it may be too late for you and I, human life will continue just as it always has.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Video: The History of Political Correctness

Here is an excellent video on Google, The History of Political Correctness. This 22-minute documentary would be more accurately entitled The Origins of Cultural Marxism, as it traces the history of Marxist thinking from the First World War onwards. It concentrates most of all on the influence of Herbert Marcuse, and tries to explain when and why Marxists shifted their attention away from economics and onto culture. It is well worth watching.