Sunday, July 20, 2008

Why does Harriet Harman hate marriage?

An excellent article by Leo McKinstry:

Political ideologues live in a permanent state of denial, refusing to accept any evidence that contradicts them. A classic example of this pattern lies in family policy.

For decades, feminist zealots have told us that family structure is irrelevant, fathers are unnecessary for child-rearing and marriage is outdated.

These views have had a disastrous influence, encouraging the state to preside over the breakdown in the traditional family. The results are everywhere - in crime, in benefits dependency, poverty and the rising costs to public services.

Yet, amid all this wreckage, hardliners still cling to their dogma. And none is more hardline than the High Priestess of British Feminism, Harriet Harman.

In an extraordinary interview published yesterday, she declared marriage was 'irrelevant' to public policy and described high rates of separation as a 'positive development', as it reflected 'greater choice' for couples - never mind the children.

Watch a Movie: 'A Father's Rights'

A new movie, 'A father's Rights', directed by William Fain, was brought to my attention.

"A Father’s Rights" is hard hitting, factual, and potentially embarrassing to some in high places. It is meant to expose the system that treats children differently across the U.S. and the world: a system that needs to change. This movie was made to bring attention to and educate the public about a corrupt system that is not taking care of the future: making sure children are well taken care of.

Watch the trailer

View the whole movie online right now.

I recommend you get everyone you know to watch this excellent movie, based on a true story.