Monday, May 25, 2009

BBC on Domestic Violence Statistics

This recent BBC radio program examines the '1 in 4' claim, and finds it utterly baseless. It tries to look at the reality, but fails to mention male victims.

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JimmyGiro said...

Eventually we get a figure for DV, from a survey carried out by Lancaster University, to be 4% or less.

If that was part of an hypothesis of saying: DV is a significant part of cohabitation; then the hypothesis would fail the 5% level of significance.

Further, all voluntary surveys will be inherently biased simply due to social and psychological expectation. DV is both a political and financial hot potato. Whilst DV is in vogue, and profitable, there will be a natural inflation of the numbers.

Compare this to the reported number of Nazis in post war Germany in 1946; the numbers reported by Allied soldiers gave the impression that there were hardly any Nazis in post war Germany!?

One thing we can be certain of however, is that there are agents who are generating profoundly exaggerated lies, and they are probably feminists; let's do a survey :))