Saturday, May 23, 2009

The McCanns are middle-class deadbeats

I came across a news story last week about some Waynetta Slob living on a sink estate. Obviously she was a single mother, and she decided to go out to the pub and leave her baby at home alone. The house caught fire and neighbours dialled 999. The baby was rescued and the mother arrested for neglect.

I was watching TV recently with a woman I know who comes from a south east asian country. The Madelaine McCann case was being discussed. She hadn't heard of it before. When I explained it, she was shocked. "They don't need to look for anyone else to blame for that", she said, "They should blame themselves. They went out drinking with their friends and left the baby alone".

When I thought about it, I realised that the McCanns are no different from that sink estate mother. They just have more money and education. Both are part of that me, me, me generation. Never mind responsibility, I'll do just whatever I like.

In fact the McCanns are worse than her, because they had more choices. They should have known better. Who the hell would go out drinking leaving a 3-year-old at home alone? I am concerned about the child. I don't have any sympathy at all for the parents.

In fact if they ever do find her, social services probably ought to take her into care and put her up for adoption. Those two idiots are obviously not capable of looking after her.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely spot on, the McCanns and their friends neglected their children and no amount of Gerry McCann and his fragile wife, 'no evidence of serious harm' is simply their way of avoiding responsility for their shoddy parenting skills.... assuming the 'abduction' story is true.

Anyone else would be in serious trouble with the police and social services but they hide behind an offical spokesperson, former Head of the Media Monitoring Unit which is very odd.

No 'I knew Gerry and Kate'stories, nothing almost as though the media are afraid of a couple of doctors. Defies belief really in much the same way their fable does