Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Oxford Feminism: Up Shit Creek Without a Padel

It is good to know that the scurrilous feminist harpie Ruth Padel has resigned in disgrace. This is the lying witch who managed to elbow her way into the job of Oxford Professor of Poetry by organising a smear campaign against her only rival Derek Walcott.

I saw some of her press conference this evening on Channel 4 news in which she did her best to appear to be apologising while not actually doing so. She ended her prepared statement by saying "I wish all the best to the next Professor of Poetry, and I hope she is a woman". As far as I am concerned, that is the same as saying "I hope it is a white person".

After that, Channel 4 chose, for some reason, to interview another 1970s feminist dinosaur, Libby Purvis, who has made a handsome living by spewing banal drivel on R4's Midweek.

Purvis defended Padel's actions and tried, in typical feminist style, to say that the whole affair was men's fault. First she blamed Walcott for pulling out of the race in the face of organised character assassination. He should have fought on. Maybe he had something to hide. Maybe he didn't really want the job.

Then she turned on Padel's former leading male supporters for abandoning her so readily. AC Grayling, Melvyn Bragg and others, who had backed Padel, sensibly disowned her on finding out what a scheming two-faced hag she really is. According to Purvis, the whole scandal is their fault.

The Channel 4 interviewer even challenged her on this, saying "So, it's all about boys, it's not about girls?".

Purvis then disingenuously turned up her nose and feigned offence. "I'm not going to play that boys against girls game", she sneered. Oh, really? What have you been doing all along? Why does Padel hope the next appointee is a woman?

The fact is, these scheming feminist harpies have been caught with their pants down, due to the actions of a few honest journalists. The whole episode shows feminists in their true sordid colours. When it comes down to it, these are people who can only succeed by lying and cheating. Unfortunately, for every time when they are caught red-handed, as on this occasion, there are hundreds of other times when they get away with it.

I couldn't care less about poetry, but just this once, I hope they appoint a man.


SteveUK said...

Thanks for the heads-up on the channel 4 news, I just watched it (here if anyone missed it, http://www.channel4.com/news/articles/arts_entertainment/poetic+justice+as+padel+steps+down/3169662)

Quite disgusting how Padel ends her interview hoping the next professor of poetry is a woman. You've only got to watch her body language to see she is a sexist pig.

I thought Snow's interview with Purvis was quite shocking aswell, and proves what these sexist women are like.

The broadcasting industry should also be questioning Purvis's ability to reason fairly, given that it has been proven Padel had infact tried to discredit her running mate by emailing the journalists.

I think this whole affair highlights many reasons why there is a 'mysogyny' in society, and in my opinion, its well deserved.

Heretic said...

I don't think there is widespread misogyny in socienty. The feminists of course say that there is. The truth is that it is men who are systematically discriminated against.

SteveUK said...

By 'mysogyny' I was using the word the feminists would use to describe what I see as the general dislike toward women in society, by society. (women included).

This general (and subconcious) dislike is fully justified imo, because of the way many women behave. Not least the hypocrisy of women, telling men in society "dont be sexist toward women" (even though men have got good reason), while at the same time women being sexist to men.

I think its the hypocrisy that most annoys men.

SteveUK said...


Just to be clear, I dont think that there is the general dislike of men in society, the same way that society dislikes women. The dislike toward women is real (because it is deserved).

I think the discrimination and demonzation of men in society is an opportunity that women have willingly gone along with to achieve their aim of 'freedom' from who they see as their oppressors.

The problem with this approach is that you can only demonize a (largely) good group of people for so long before they get sick of it and start giving it back, which means exposing the true nature of females, and that is exactly what females are most afraid of. The truth.