Saturday, May 16, 2009

Scandal as Corrupt and Biased System Refuses to Convict Predatory Teachers

"A working group convened by ministers to review the handling of allegations uncovered a sharp rise in the number being levelled at teachers.

Some 1,925 allegations were made against teachers during a six-month period in 2007 - up from 2,452 throughout all of 2004.

But the group found just 1.2 per cent of that number ended in convictions and a further 1 per cent in cautions."


A conviction rate of only 1.2% shows the extent to which the corrupt and adult-dominated justice system casually ignores the plight of abused children. Steps must be taken to raise this shamefully low conviction rate.

  • The onus of proof should be placed upon teachers to prove their innocence.
  • Children making accusations should be spared the ordeal of having to present any evidence.
  • Police officers must be given special training in how to be more sympathetic and less critical when taking statements from school students.

The fact is, children never lie. All allegations against teachers must be automatically taken at face value, and accepted without any further investigation. Concepts such as 'Evidence' and 'Due Process' are the evil instruments of adults, designed to silence children's voices.

The fact that other European nations have a much higher conviction rate than we do, and the fact that our own conviction rate has declined so much in recent years, can only be explained by one thing: The number of predatory teachers abusing children in our schools has massively increased! Steps must be taken to protect our vulnerable children!! We demand a witch-hunt now!!! Only mass panic and hysteria can help us!!!!

OK, there is another possibility. It could be that the incidence of false allegations has dramatically increased, while the system has continued to perform consistently well and numbers of actual convictions have remained constant. This would produce a lower percentage of convictions as a proportion of allegations made.

But it can't be that. That is not politically correct. If we want to tranform the justice system into an instrument for destroying the lives of adults, we don't want anyone to realise that false allegations happen.


Heretic said...

This article was all about rape, just in case you missed it.

JimmyGiro said...

Point not lost; good post.

The recent critical meltdown of bureaucracy makes this a particularly good time to hang all offending Zanu-Labourites, out to dry.

They hold a tight grip on the media, like the whore of Babylon holding the reigns of the Beast... they dare not let go.

Truth, reason, and reality are their feared enemies; keep up the good work Heretic :)

Heretic said...

Why are false accusations regarded as a problem in the case of teachers, but not when men have to face them?
There are several reasons:
1 The teaching unions are powerful, and have a strong influence on the Labour Party. Jacqui Smith herself was once a humble teacher.
2 The cost to our education all system is all too real, in terms of driving teachers out of the profession and undermining discipline and morale.
3 Last but not least, the teaching profession is almost entirely female. It is OK for men to face such accusations, but not for women.

BrusselsLout said...

Good report. (Actually had me going for minute!)

But here's the disturbing thing. It reads like real life political rhetoric.The unwritten aim of governments is now clear. It is to dismantle social cohesion so they can pass new legislation to control us still further.

And spreading the fear of sex crime has proved to be a winner. First of all, it appeals to women because it scares them into believing they need more protection. Secondly, it appeals to men who want to look protective. Thirdly, it appeals to parents because it fools them into believing the world is lurking with pervs dying to rape their kids. Fourthly, it appeals to aspiring parents for all the above reasons.

Politicians now use the democratic system to create a mass mentality of fear and hatred to win popularity.

We are now seeing the limitations of democracy itself.