Saturday, June 20, 2009

Institutional Bias at the BBC: An Insider Speaks

Some readers may remember my earlier article on bias at the BBC. Thanks to CD for pointing out this interesting discussion which took place at the excellent New Culture Forum.

BBC journalist Robin Aitkin discusses the institutional Leftist bias within the organisation. He describes the typical BBC employee as an Arts graduate who follows a 'progressive' (i.e. Left-wing) political agenda, and who would typically buy into a whole raft of Left-wing issues. When asked to list what these are, Aitkin interestingly fails to mention feminism, an institutional bias of his own, as feminism is the dominant Left-wing issue, and one which the BBC unquestioningly buys into.


Libertarian said...

I'm the guy who made Heretic aware of this interview. I found it refreshing to hear an insider confirm that which I'd suspected for years; that the BBC is biased.

The leftist cultural war which started in the 60s has been SO successful that many traditionally conservative institutions have been totally hijacked by the left; the Church of England; the BBC; the General Medical Council; the education system; the list goes on...

I remember when I was at school, in the 80s, there was an equal balance of male and female teachers, most of whom were conservatives. Now the public school system has completely gone the other way. Most teachers are female and distinctly left-leaning.

Fuck the BBC and it's feminist cronies. I now refuse to watch the BBC news due to it's blatant leftist, anti-male bias. Something I've noticed about male BBC news-readers is that they're almost always, without exception, really wimpy and submissive and become self-deprecating when in the company of women.

BrusselsLout said...

Don't know what to make of Aitkin leaving out feminism from his list of (legitimate) complaints against the BBC. Feminism would be by far the worst of these if he had included it.

Could he be too scared to speak out?

Could he be so brainwashed by feminism himself that it just didn't occur to him?

Or is he simply a complete and utter manhole like most men working for media corporations?

So far, only three men have dared speak out against the media's feminist bias (Michael Buerk, Patrick Moore and Jeremy Paxman). And these complaints have had long gaps between them.

But "the backlash" may now be coming. There are now significant numbers of men's rights supporters now on every newspaper's talkboard.

So how long can the feminist media keep on ignoring us?

(And welcome back to the Internet Libertarian!)

Libertarian said...

Thanks for the welcome back BL. I've been away from the MRA stuff for a while because I find it makes me so angry and bitter when I think about it.

Perhaps Aitkin didn't omit the feminist stuff. The interview was clearly edited. Then again, it wouldn't surprise me if he had. Working for the government does funny things to peoples' brains.

SteveUK said...

wheres the piece on MJ?

no comments on billie jean?

I suggest you listen to it.

SteveUK said...


'Billie Jean' - paternity fraud,
'startin something' - gossip.