Saturday, July 18, 2009

Book Recommendation: Family Court Hell

I've just been reading Family Court Hell, by Mark Harris.

I knew the family court system was biased against fathers, but Oh My ******* God! I just never imagined the degree of bias and outright corruption which are the daily routine in the secret, closed UK family courts.

Mark Harris is a father of three whose wife left him for reasons of her own. Part of the book is written by Harris' daughter, and nowhere does she hint that Harris had done anything to deserve the treatment he received. His ex-wife wanted to cut him out of his daughters' lives permanently, and the divorce industry, social services and family court system conspired with her to try to ensure that this happened. In fact, it seems that in the early days of the case, Social Services were actually coaching the ex-wife to act against Harris, in pursuit of their agenda, not hers.

The mother moved a new boyfriend into her home, who was violent and abusive towards the girls. Harris and the girls complained vociferously about this, and every relevant authority colluded to ignore their pleas. The mother wants the man and girls to live with her, and her wishes are absolute.

Harris had to fight for 10 years to see his children, all of whom wanted to see him as well. The mother, the boyfriend, and various professionals including child psychiatrists, pressured and coached the girls for years to force them to say that they did not want to see their father. If the girls went to see him, they were punished.

I can't even begin to describe in this article the injustice, the incompetence, the absurdity, the dishonesty of what took place. You must read the book for yourself. Here are just a few highlights:

  • Mark Harris was imprisoned for waving at his own daughters in the street.
  • A psychiatrist expert witness made false representations to the court, saying that Harris has a personality disorder, and that he had been making hoax bomb threats. Harris managed to disprove all of these allegations. The expert in question is still practising.
  • The boyfriend made repeated threats under oath to kill Harris, and no action was taken.
  • The girls were being chronically abused by the mother and boyfriend, and no action was taken.
  • Harris was one of the fathers behind the emergent protest movement, and there is clear evidence that the security services have made strenuous efforts to close this protest movement down.

This book should not only be read by separated fathers, it should be read by every British citizen. You need to know where your tax pounds are going, and what kind of country you actually live in. I guarantee you will be shocked by what you read.


BrusselsLout said...

This book has similar content to the penultimate chapter of Steve Moxon's more general (and superb)
Woman Racket. Anger-raising stuff. (Gave it a 5-star rating on Amazon a couple of days ago.)

Haven't yet read the very specialised Family Court Hell, which focuses on Mark Harris's own case, but it seems worse than anything I've read so far on these gangster-run family courts. That bloke must have lived a nightmare.

As I've recently received 6 books from Amazon (of which Steve Moxon's was one), I've got to wade through these first before I order my next batch. But yeah. I've just put this one my now never-ending Amazon wishlist!

BrusselsLout said...

I've now read it. And I certainly recommend it as a book worth reading.

Written in an informal style, the book is almost like Mark Harris is himself telling you his story in person in a pub over a pint. He takes you through his nightmare spanning over a decade.

Above all, he exposes routine corruption at every level in our judicial, policing and political systems -- from top to bottom. A real eye-opener for anyone who has not had any experience of these monsters, and who really believes that these people act in the name of the common good, or any good in any shape or form.

Forget newspapers. Forget university social science courses. Read this instead.