Saturday, July 18, 2009

Rake's Latest Shock Findings

"Motherhood 'devastating' to women's pay

Women suffer a devastating impact on their pay after having children, a new study has found. Research for campaign group the Fawcett Society showed that childbirth marked the start of a "great divide" on earnings, which continued even after children left home.

Before becoming parents, men and women were equally likely to be employed but, after having children, 57 per cent of mothers of under fives were in paid work, compared with 90 per cent of fathers.

Mothers working full-time suffered a pay "penalty", while pregnant women were vulnerable to discrimination, according to the report.

Dr Katherine Rake, director of the Fawcett Society, said: "The choice of whether and when to return to employment is, of course, a very personal one.

However, it is critical that those mothers who choose or need to be in paid work should be able to do so without suffering a pay penalty."

Shock! Horror! People who go to work EARN MORE MONEY than people who DON'T go to work! When oh when will the government act to address this disgraceful injustice!

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Anonymous said...

note the language here: their pay suffers. not their employer suffers, or their job aptitude suffers, or their ability to perform suffers (which are all true), but the prefer to put it in terms of PAY. This way, we have a justification for taking more away from men and giving it to women.