Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Thoughts of Chairman Hattie

Let every school child be made to memorise the sage words of our wise and beneficent chairman:

On the financial crisis: "If it had been Lehman Sisters instead of Lehman Brothers, there might not have been so much difficulty." August 2009

"Sometimes we have to use scary methods in order to achieve worthwile results. It is about saying, 'Because you are a woman, I am going to put you in this promotion'". May 2009

"I don't agree with all-male leaderships. I think it is a thoroughly bad thing to have a men-only leadership" August 2009

On her chances of becoming Prime Minister: "It will not be possible, because there are not enough airports in the country for all the men who would want to flee". July 2008

"Men can't be left on their own to do family policy - 21st Century women are not up for Patriarchy". Jan 2007

"(Husband) Jack is not waiting for there to be dinner in front of him or he'd be well starving". May 2007

"He is proof that not all on his side are stuck in the stone-age...Perhaps he ought to be regarded as an honourary member of the sisterhood". On Speaker John Bercow, June 2008

"Men dislike me because I don't take no for an answer", August 2009.


Anonymous said...

She has obviously been serving her South London constituency for so long that she has even picked up the dialect. He'd be well starving, innit? Jah get me?

JimmyGiro said...

"Men dislike me because I don't take no for an answer"

Robespierre also shot himself in the mouth... just before the good people of France chopped off his head.

Richard Ford said...

Labour is a sinking ship. The only thing to be saved is a radical reputation. She can then go down saying it is the fault of the the men and so avoid any responsibility. No doubt a well paid public job awaits.

Anonymous said...

MRAs with members of F4J should get together and leaflet Harman's constituents at the next general election.

Just think of the joy of getting her out of office.

BrusselsLout said...

It's plain that this individual is on another planet. But she gets away with it because she is a woman. The chivalry of the big men in power has a tolerance level even they themselves are not aware of.

JimmyGiro said...

"If it had been Lehman Sisters instead of Lehman Brothers, there might not have been so much difficulty."

True, nobody would have heard of them, therefore they couldn’t have caused a financial crisis.

But we have heard of British state education, and it is predominantly run by feminists, just like our dear Mztress.

Field Marshall Watkins said...

Does she know that Credit Swaps, the spark that started this recession off was invented by a woman.

Eric Legge said...

Only men and one horse ran the Roman Empire and only men ran every other empire successfully, so where does Harperson get the idea that man can't run anything on their own?

What she means is that feminism can't advance if men run everything sucessfully, so let's screw them up from early childhood on so that women can take over the world.

BrusselsLout said...

A very significant step forward for the men's movement gentlemen: feminism has now at last come under criticism on television. This is a first to my knowledge (other than cautious isolated complaints from certain newsmen and male celebrities).

And it's from no less a figure than Steve Moxon, who was interviewed on the BBC programme The Big Questions, following Aunty Hat's recent silly antics.

But, the interview has not yet appeared on the BBC website. A search on "Steve Moxon" only yields his Newsnight interview a few years ago on his whistleblower book The Great Immigration Scandal.

The changes we seek may have now started.

A pint and a cigar for Steve, I reckon!

BrusselsLout said...

Correction. The interview might not have taken place yet (I assumed it had because it's dated on Steve Moxon's page as some days ago. I don't know because I don't live in the UK.)

But what I said in my last post still applies. The potential significance of this interview for the men's movement cannot be underestimated.