Wednesday, September 02, 2009

BBC Bias over OECD Report

A new report by the OECD into the well-being of children in 30 industrialised countries paints a bleak picture of Britain.

"Drinking, promiscuity and a cycle of low aspiration mean Britain is becoming the 'bad parent' of the western world.

A vast study of youngsters' well-being in 30 industrialised nations ranked Britain among the worst for health, lifestyles and school standards relative to public spending levels.

Underage teenagers in Britain are more likely to get drunk than those in any other country, and the proportions of teenage mothers and single-parent families are among the highest in the survey." Reference

Yet what did the BBC have to say about it?

On the 10 o'clock news, the BBC mentioned the report and cherry-picked one single finding: that growing up in a single parent family was not a decisive factor in producing these poor outcomes.

You can watch it on iPLayer today, about two thirds of the way through, just after Swartzenegger's press conference.

There have been countless surveys done in the past, which have found overwhelming evidence that family breakdown and fatherlessness are the most important factors in producing bad outcomes for children. Civitas produce them on a regular basis. The BBC doesn't bother to mention any of these. This OECD survey is, by and large, a package of bad news for the UK. Yet the BBC does not bother to mention any of that. Instead, it patronisingly spells out, in huge letters on our screens, the one 'finding' which happens to accord with the prevailing leftist orthodoxy. It says almost nothing else about this substantial report. This is almost Orwellian in the degree of bias on display.

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