Friday, September 04, 2009

Female Crime Stories: 'Liberal' Media Remain Silent

British woman facing 65 years in US jail for keeping three children as slaves. Story widely reported. Guardian and BBC say nothing.

Mercedes Farquhason, 63, was indicted in 2006 by an American jury after she was accused of keeping the three children, all of whom are also British, as her slaves on her North Carolina farm.

The children were rescued but she went on the run, and was only arrested in Bulgaria in July this year.

She was extradited to the U.S., where she was remanded into custody in North Carolina last night until her trial.

She had been wanted on two counts of felony child abuse over the suspected beating of her adopted daughter, and three felony counts of involuntary servitude.

The girls claimed they were put to work aged 12 and 7 and never went to school again, receiving frequent beatings at home.

At the time she was freed, Holly told local TV channel WCNC the experience was 'very draining'.

'We just didn't think we could survive because sometimes there were times she would say she wishes she could kill us,' she added.

'She'd hit you. She'd use canes, bamboo sticks and dog leashes. Multiple times she has strangled the three of us,' Jasmine said.

She added: 'We had to clean until we could eat off the floor or until you could see your face in the counter, but it was gruelling.'

Holly said all three girls got into trouble for something each day and at least two would be beaten every day.

I did a quick search on the offender's very distinctive name. Almost every UK national daily has covered this story. The local newspaper in Hastings seems to have covered it. Guess who has ignored it? The Guardian. The BBC has one story dating back to April 2006 about the initial events. Nothing more recent. This happens every week. There are plenty of violent female offenders out there. Plenty of them. You just wouldn't get that impression if you read the Left-wing, ideologically-corrected Guardian or BBC. Reading these two 'news outlets' is like reading Pravda.

This kind of unspoken ideological censorship was a characteristic of Communist government in the 20th Century. 'Pravda', the Russian word for 'truth', was the organ of the Soviet Communist Party. In Mao's China, there was a newspaper which only published good news. This political control of information is a characteristic of totalitarianisms.

Our 'Liberal' press is not worthy of the name. The Guardian and the BBC are the least liberal news outlets we have.


Anonymous said...

As google was quick to tell me the actual name is "Farquharson"

Libertarian said...

It's true! Not a peep about this story on the BBC or Guardian websites. Even google news has only 20 stories about this. If the accused were male, the stories would number in the hundreds or thousands, as in the case of Joseph Fritzl.

Anonymous said...

Come on,its not just the BBC,tell me one channel in the UK which ran it as a story similar to the one displayed of Fritzl which was on every night for 4 nights on all main UK channels.There have been loads of woman bad stories recently,not least of all the one where a teenager admitted knifing 30 men but still a fat silence.
The BBC was once the guardian of the truth,what a fall.

Malcolm said...

Link to BBC website.

Heretic said...

Malcolm, that is the old 2006 link I mentioned.

Anonymous said...

The difference between this story and the others that have been reported is that this one did not involve any sexual element. Rape and incest sort of come up higher in news worthiness that just imprisonment.

Anonymous said...

I would dare say that women as a whole would apporve of slavery more than men. Even though the feminists love to point out in the 19th century that their group were abolitionists, how come women are not the least bit interested in buliding and making their own stuff? They always want the man to do it.