Saturday, September 19, 2009

How to get men back into the classroom

In surveys, men report that they do not enter the teaching profession because

  • It does not pay enough.
  • They are concerned about facing false accusations of child abuse.

These problems are easily solved with a bit of political will.

First of all, let's deal with the paedophile panic.

Teachers accused of child molestation will be granted anonymity until a verdict is reached. Cases have to be dealt with quickly, within say, two months. The teacher will be suspended on full pay until the verdict is reached. Falsely accused teachers will be reinstated at once, and their name will never appear in the media.

Children who are found to be making malicious false accusations against teachers will be dealt with extremely harshly, as will their parents also. Both the child and the parents will face possible fines, incarceration, unpaid community work and then social services intervention in the family. The child will not face exclusion from education, only transfer to a harsher regime. Once there is no more incentive to make false accusations, these will stop.

Secondly, money. How can we attract more men to become teachers? Simple. Use market forces. I work in the private sector. If you want to hire a project manager, and no-one applies for the job, increase your offer until someone applies.

If there are too many women teachers and not enough men, the answer is simple. Pay men more than women. Let's say we pay male teachers 35% more than female ones, until further notice. That should do it.


Jim said...

All eminently sensible proposals. So therefore will never happen.

tiredofitall said...

If there are too many women teachers and not enough men, the answer is simple. Pay men more than women.

That'll go over like gangbusters with the femmie lead teacher's unions who already think male teachers get too many of their hard won benefits.

Why not ask for mid-morning "BJ breaks" for the new male teachers while you're at it?

BrusselsLout said...

The shortage of men teachers seems to coincide with that of maths/physics teachers.

How strange. I thought subjects like maths and physics were for women.

Anonymous said...

I don't think teacher pay is low. Is £30K bad. If you have been in teaching for a year or two then this and more is available?