Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Female Violence on the Increase. Feminist Movement says Nothing

Drunk and baying like dogs, five women brutally attack a stranger in the street.

The women - all from the same family - targeted Matthew Campbell, 38, at random, kicking and stamping on him as he lay prone on the pavement.

Their sickening eight-minute assault was captured on CCTV and resulted in all the women being jailed for six months.

Mr Campbell, a commercial diver, told yesterday how he restrained himself from hitting back because he has never struck a woman before.


Why don't feminists have anything to say about this sort of incident? Especially on the influence of evil Patriarchal-Capitalist ideology, which prevented the victim from defending himself because he doesn't believe in hitting women? How does this square with feminist claims about male violence against women?


Porky Domesticus said...

Six months? Find me a case where a gang of men beat the crap out of one woman and got only six months!

Anonymous said...

statistically this sort of event is very rare, whereas violence against women isn't.