Saturday, October 10, 2009

A few recent interesting stories

Ginger schoolboy 'begged mother to dye his hair to avoid bullying by female teacher'

Why I loathe feminism... and believe it will ultimately destroy the family

Candid Camera pranks smoke out US liberals

'Castrated Vikings' row hits Sweden

A dopey judge, a lesbian teacher and an insidious bid to lower the age of consent

Sickening footage of bully beating up schoolgirl, 14, is captured on mobile phone and posted on Facebook

Woman teacher exposed as 'predatory paedophile' who sexually abused young children she followed into public toilets

Pictured: Second woman charged over nursery 'child porn' probe


fifthflavorquark said...

Keep it coming, HS. I doubt I'll ever entirely get over the "women are universally benevolent/men are violent monsters or disappointing clowns" brainwashing as a child, but every bit helps.

Anonymous said...

A recent BBC radio 4 programme:

'Female sexual abuse of children - breaking the silence'.

(20mb, mp3)

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