Saturday, October 17, 2009

Rebel Scout leaders sacked after refusing to let in girls

Andy Bates, Linda Faux and Philip Martin and six assistants were dismissed by Bedfordshire’s Scouting chiefs for excluding girls in contravention of the rule that became mandatory in January 2007.

Dismayed by the decision, parents and children have begged district commissioner Kam Patel to allow them to stay on.

They made their feelings clear at a recent meeting.

Mr Bates, 45, said: ‘To say the meeting was explosive would be an understatement. There was so much passion in that room.

‘Boys mix with girls at school and at home and there’s a demand for somewhere where they can just be with boys.

But parents of the group’s members continue to oppose the sackings. One, David Troughton, said: ‘The first we heard of it was that all the leaders had been replaced. There’s a lot of bad feeling and resentment, they’ve had no right of appeal.

‘Together the leaders have given 60 years’ service and have worked very hard to make the group successful. I feel they have been extremely badly treated and I know other parents feel the same way.’

The Girl Guides remains an organisation for girls only.


Do you ever feel unsafe at night walking the urban streets of Britain? Maybe, to get to your local shop, you have to walk past a gang of hoodies playing with their bit-bull terrier. Maybe they come and sit on your garden wall and drink in the evening. Maybe you feel as if violence is only a glance away.

Increasingly, gangs of dyfunctional, alienated and maladjusted teenage boys dominate the streets, barely educated, kicking their heels with nothing to do. The social structures which traditionally socialised them and gave them a sense of identity and safety, have been systematically stripped away. The Scouts organisation was founded precisely to give such under-employed waifs something constructive to do. But it has now been taken away. There is no longer any boys' organisation they can turn to. It is not politically correct. The feminists wouldn't like it.

As long as males continue to be driven to the margins of society, and have their identities denied, their development sabotaged, their interests stifled, society will continue to become more and more violent and dysfunctional. Yet the situation will never improve until the feminist ideological one-party state is challenged head-on.

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Anonymous said...

Scout is for girls but tolerate male
Guide is only for girls

This kind of social system it's call Segregation!