Saturday, October 10, 2009

Shocking Female Child Abuse Video

Login to Facebook to watch this edifying spectacle of a female child-carer in a room full of toddlers. She doesn't realise that she is on camera, as she seriously assaults a young child. She seems disturbingly calm about it, as if she's bored.

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JimmyGiro said...

AS the Yanks say: "What goes around, comes around."

Just as liars, paedophiles, school dentists, and concentration camp guards, eventually realise, their misdeeds will be remembered by their surviving victims.

Feminism has given some women the confidence to commit wanton malfeasance, under the illusion that there will be no reprisals; and teachers are under the added misconception that their charges will remain small and helpless.

Little eyes and little minds remember; and they grow, unlike their little broken hearts. And they might reminisce loudly and aggressively in adolescence packs, within earshot of teacher-retirement homes.