Sunday, October 18, 2009

Why Ideologies hate the family

Nick Cohen, in his book What’s Left? argued that the family is always a threat to any ideology. If you come home and say “I joined the Communist Party today”, it will be your mum or your dad or your granny who will say “Don’t be daft. Your dinner’s on the table”. The family represents an alternative power bloc to the ideology, an alternative demand on one’s loyalty, an alternative source of values, an alternative, and much more psychologically compelling, source of personal identity.

It is for this reason that religious cults often demand that members break off all contact with their families. One’s family often represents a source of support, a grounding in reality, and the ideology, the Cult or Party, rightly sees this as a threat. Any ideology which demands total unquestioning obedience will soon force you to abandon your family. Firstly, on the grounds that a man cannot serve two masters. Secondly, as a test of your loyalty.

Michael Portillo recently said in an interview that in his experience, governments always exceed their powers. It is a basic fact of political science that bureaucracies will always try to extend their remit, increase their power and their budgets.

It has been said that the State has no power over honest men. The only thing that the State can do is to punish criminals. As long as you remain inside your own house, the State cannot touch you. There are always some elements within any State which do not like this fact. Private life constitutes a no-go area, off limits to State power.

When cultish ideologies manage to get themselves into power, the family is always one of their first targets. If private life represents a threat to their infinitely-ambitious quest for power, by attacking the family, they can attack and undermine private life. They generally do this by attacking the soft underbelly of the family. Children and women.

In the twentieth Century, the Nazis and the Communists both encouraged children to report their parents to the authorities for ideological thought crimes such as criticising the regime. Teachers were recruited for this purpose, to encourage the children to write diaries describing their home lives. If a child wrote down “My daddy says that Mr Hitler is wrong”, or something similar, it would be acted upon. Russia and China operated similar tactics.

Mao Tse Tung encouraged teenage ‘Red Guards’ to terrorise the population during the Cultural Revolution. I met one middle-aged former Red Guard, now resident in the USA, who described how as teenagers, a group of them would stand on street corners, surveying the passers-by. They had the power to pull anyone aside that they wanted. “If we saw a woman with a pony-tail”, he told me, “we could just take her to one side and cut it off”. He also described to me how they used to beat prisoners to death with rubber hoses.

Hard-line Maoists in China thought that their policies had failed because they had not tried hard enough. They decided to use the small neighbouring country of Cambodia as a laboratory in order to have another try. The resulting Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia had similar policies, using children to pick out individuals who looked in some way different, who would then be summarily executed or tortured to death. They also used children as prison guards, and encouraged them to incriminate their parents.

The Khmer Rouge in Cambodia used to force 12 year olds to execute their own parents as a test of loyalty to the Party.

In the West since 1965, the target of Marxist agitation in the family has not been children, but women. Feminists have exploited issues such as domestic violence, rape and child abuse in order to prise open the family. By massively exaggerating the scale of these problems, and wrongly blaming them all on men, they have exploited women’s fears in order to win converts to their cult.

The feminist movement, and the paedophile panic, are just the latest in a long series of instruments used by socialist and totalitarian political interests to attack the family. The family itself is what these political interest groups find threatening.


Anonymous said...

Excellent analysis!
Question is how do we tackle the the feminist dominated state and media?My own tuppence worth is that
I dont pay tax I dont pay a tv license I urge more MRAs to undermine state and media at every turn every little helps.
Abortion and anti family policy are the pillars of feminism - tell this truth you undermine them also.Their time is nearly up and they are getting more aggressive.
Most feminists are lesbian some just more secretly than others. Lesbians are vicious about men because of sexual jealousy, this is too often overlooked. Bring this uncomfortable truth up and observe their reaction.

Anonymous said...

When will the War start? Then we can drag these Bastards from their holes and execute them.

Richard said...

An excellent and interesting article which needs more publicity. I have always said I have never met a good looking feminist!! Trouble is, with their lies and false propaganda they really are destroying families. Decent women are the ones this threatens most as well as all men.

Matt said...


do you have a link for the Portillo comment, or any more info to help track it down? Thanks.

Heretic said...

I think it was on his TV series "Dinner with Portillo". It was in a TV discussion anyway.