Saturday, October 31, 2009

Women who cry rape will ALWAYS be sent to prison, appeal court warns

"Women who cry rape were warned by the Court of Appeal today that prison was 'inevitable' for an offence which attacks the criminal justice system.

Rejecting a sentence challenge by a woman jailed for two years after making a false allegation against an innocent man, two senior judges emphasised the impact of such a crime on conviction rates."

Great news! But sadly, the judge in question seems to have little concern for falsely-accused men. All he is concerned about is the effect that false accusations have on the conviction rate. Still, it's a good start.


Davout said...

How women will be affected is always the major concern in every instance where male and female interests conflict, even for groups that appear to not be feminist.

Two examples:

Wrt abortion, the major concern of anti-abortion groups has been firstly the death of the unborn and secondly the health of the mother (as if she was the victim of her own choices). It never occurs to them that the basic right of a father to his offspring is entirely abrogated!

Wrt the prevalence of girls in colleges, some anti-affirmative action groups market the need to redress the imbalance because girls don't have as wide a choice of dates as they had prior to AA.

It's all evidence that men and women are selectively valued in raw biological terms by society. To be part of a group that is deemed expendable by society is just about the worst kind of oppression that I can think of.

fifthflavorquark said...

In the present political/cultural climate, there is no way the judge could have made this about anything but the law. A man doing something in favor of men would be suspicious.

And, at least in some sense, I'm okay with that. At the risk of sounding like a quisling, I don't want the law to do favors to men. I just want the law not to make presumptions against us. It is society as a whole that I would like to see return to a positive attitude for men. And likewise for women.

Which brings me to my second point. Davout, I agree with your first two examples. And I disagree with your conclusion. There is no doubt in my mind that anglophone (at the very least) culture and politics have a strong anti-male/manhood element. At the same time, there is still plenty (and in some places a horrific amount) of contempt, hatred, and violence directed at women in this world.

I don't feel oppressed. I feel despised. I feel condemned. I feel damned. And I am _angry_ about it. And heartbroken.

But there is reason to rejoice. The women in the cultural Marxism, gender war clique and the many who are sucked along in their wake will lose. Nature herself is against them. They can have their Terror, but in the King will be restored and they will rejoice for it.

fifthflavorquark said...

Now I've gone and used a term "cultural Marxism" when I'm not even really sure whether it's a valid term or not. Certainly, nobody _claims_ to be a cultural Marxist, but it does seem to fit the gender (formally class) war that was previously held to part of orthodox, economic Marxism (at least as I understand it).

There's even the inner party of Second Wave Feminists who exist to radicalize women who would only want their proper rights and dignity- just like a party trying to drive the proletariat beyond trade unions and onto Communism.

As a caveat, I am not specifically anti-Marx. It drives me nuts that my fellow Americans have made socialism into a scare word. I'm just in love with a model of politics revolving around the "exploiter vs. exploited" model. Of course, by most measures (heterosexual, white/anglo, middle class male), I'm the exploiter.

Anyway, any thoughts on my original question?

Heretic said...

Cultural Marxism certainly is a perfectly valid term. It is one that everyone needs to know in my view. See my earlier post The History of Political Correctness and watch the video.

Classical Marxism was dead by the 1950s, and revolutionaries switched their attention away from economics to culture.

I AM specifically anti-Marx.

fifthflavorquark said...

I misspoke in one of my comments. Regarding Marx, I'm just NOT in love with a model of politics revolving around the "exploiter vs. exploited" model.

Thanks for directing me to the video on Google. It's not quite the video I would make, but I still think it's great.

Anonymous said...

I have just heard. A woman who cried rape three tomes got four months. I suspect that will mean that she does not go to prison at all.

So don't get too excited by this news.

BrusselsLout said...

Some interesting issues crop up surrounding rape and rape-cries.

First of all on rape, Steve Moxon explains in his book The Woman Racket that it's doubtful that rape traumatic syndrome even exists. Indeed, he uncovers compelling evidence to suggest it does not. Despite this, governments are not investigating it deeper so that we can all be certain; they are simply basing sentencing policy on the assumption that it does.

In short, it is likely that women who have been raped get over it quickly.

Yet it is certain that a man who has been falsely accused of rape has his whole life turned upside-down. Just witness the way the news treats men accused of rape, or acquitted after being first convicted. (I would welcome any research to confirm this.)

It is false rape cries that should carry heavy sentences, rather than -- dare I say it -- rape itself.

Miss Ondrya said...

BrusselsLout: "In short, it is likely that women who have been raped get over it quickly"

It depends on the situation, I guess.

If a modest woman gets violated by a stranger, I'm pretty sure the experience would leave her heavily traumatized. The attack is not just physical but also psychological.

I've lost a lot of my sympathy for women over the years, but the willingness of some men to dismiss the seriousness of rape appalls me.

Aren't we supposed to be enlightened?

BrusselsLout said...

Miss Ondrya

My post was cautious. It was based on evidence highlighted by a well-researched book.

The worst rape is no doubt a bad experience. But this is about getting over it, rather than the experience itself.

I've stated that I agree we need more research into rape traumatic syndrome, when we have none. All we have are unproven assertions.

The evidence uncovered by the author suggests that women recover from rape after a period. And that period is not long.

Women who have been raped and then examined by psychiatrists are not invited back after a period (say a number of months). THIS is what need in order to confirm or refute the claim of lasting psychological damage done by rape.

I'm open to it either way. But I want to see evidence.

Anonymous said...

why should anyone care? when men are being destroyed in their hundreds of thousands? or made to suffer everyday.

who gives them sympathy?

so why should I give any woman sympathy?

she probably harmed 10 men in her lifetime.

fuck off.