Saturday, December 05, 2009

Understanding the Rape Statistics

Well done to Angry Harry for this excellent video.


JimmyGiro said...

He sounds posher than I'd imagined he would.


Wizard Trader said...

He sounds very middle class. I assumed he'd be an angry Northerner. LOL!

BrusselsLout said...

And I thought he'd be a gruff cockney -- but then again I'm from London, so I'm biased too!

Great vid, well compiled. I'm wondering what kind of comments Harry has been receiving for him to close commenting off.

Here's another example worth looking at (but without the slick diagrams!). Rape Crisis are claiming that 5% of women (in Britain) have been raped.

That means 5% of men are rapists (unless they mean it's one serial rapist going around. But I don't think they mean that).

What does this mean in terms of numbers? The UK, with a population of 60m, will have 30m males. Let's say 20m of those are old enough to commit rape. This means that RC are claiming that 1m men are rapists (= 5% of 20m).

But there are only 90,000 prisoners in the UK and this is for ALL crimes, of which sex crime is only a fraction.

So RC are saying that there are over 10 times the number of rapists as there are criminals in all!

Moreover, the government is planning to build enough new prisons to hold another 6,000 men. And this covers all crimes again.

But why don't they build enough prisons to hold a million more men? Could it be the cost?

Surely cost would be no object for something as important on their agenda as justice? And arising from something as serious as rape? There's a million rapists on the loose and the government is choosing to do nothing?

Or could there be another explanation? Could it be that even the government has stopped believing the childish rubbish that comes out of organizations like Rape Crisis?

fmwatkins said...

Hi Heretical, it's been a while, saw this today, in regards to rape;

Drunk men who demand sex from partner should be 'treated as rapists'

I wonder, if women get drunk and sleep with a guy, then retroactively withdraw consent, will the judge tell her she's responsible for her actions, as they are demanding men are, in today's judgement...

Heretic said...

Good question, but I'm not holding my breath.

Looks like the feminists want us all to become tee-totallers. First it was rape if the woman was drunk, and now it's rape if the man is drunk.

BrusselsLout said...

We currently have a yearly accusation rate of 12,000 with guilty verdicts on around 600.

I can see it now: a boost to 120,000 accusations a year with -- wait for it -- a conviction number of around 600.

Then, of course, there'll follow the usual complaints of why-oh-why-oh-why it all went wrong and the conviction rate was allowed to plummet from 5% to 0.5%.

fmwatkins said...

On a positive note, more and more 'average' people are seeing these collectivist man-hating scum for what they are.

Just more logs for the bonfire...

Anonymous said...

I hope the blog administrators don't mind but, I shared the link to this video with the False rape society.