Friday, January 09, 2009

It takes a village? It takes a family.

Like many, I was pleased by the election of Barack Obama, and not just because he marks the end of the Bush administration, which has been a highly embarrassing global disaster. I was pleased to see Obama elected also because it meant that Hillary Clinton had failed. I was reminded of her today when I came across a few of her statements.

'It takes a village to raise a child'.

Her agenda seems to be to relieve women of the responsibility of having to care for the children that they themselves chose to have. Having a child is now simply a lifestyle choice for a woman; it is no longer a joy or profound responsibility. Raising that child is society's job, so if something goes wrong it is society's fault, not the mother's. This may be an appealing message to certain selfish, immature women (the kind who become feminists in fact), but it has profoundly disquieting implications. It is a licence for far-reaching government involvement in private life. It is, in effect, a call for the abolition of the family.

"As adults we have to start thinking and believing that there isn't really any such thing as someone else's child." Reference

OK. Does that mean I can approach other people's children on the street just as if they were my own, and give them a cuddle and some candy, and I need not fear the mob? And everyone else can do the same?

Jonah Goldberg argues: "But here's the thing: There really is such a thing as somebody else's child. I don't want to live in a country where there's no such thing as somebody else's child, because that means there's no such thing as my child. And the fact is, my child is mine and nobody else's (save, of course, for her mother). Almost as important, I don't want to live in a country where I am a "subversive" simply by offering political or ideological debate against this vision."

Seemingly unaware of the irony of what she was saying, she continued,
"For that reason, we cannot permit discussions of children and families to be subverted by political or ideological debate".

Has it not occurred to her that feminism is itself just such an ideology, and that the feminist-led Left of which she is a leading member has done more to damage children than anything else in recent decades?

'No woman is illegal'.

On being told that a certain woman was an illegal alien, this was Hillary's response. It raised a cheer from the fascist sisterhood, but yet again shows just how far gone this woman is. One can only assume that in Hillary's universe, a man can be illegal? She certainly implies as much, otherwise she would have said "No one is illegal". One can only presumes that if she ever became President, she would apply immigration laws differently to men and women. That could be quite funny to watch. On a discussion board about IMBRA that I came across, one guy demanded "Free visas for hot foreign babes". Given the increasingly popular marriage strike, we might find that Western men start thinking and behaving like that man in larger numbers, thus hastening the day of glorious reckoning.

In struggling to understand Clinton's mentality, I am pondering the choices on offer. Is she a shameless political whore who will do anything for votes? Is she a cold, psychopathic manipulator? Is she so stupid that she cannot remember what she said from one minute to the next? Is she a woman who exists in a world of sentiment, for whom logical analysis is the mental equivalent of a foreign country?

Many think that Obama has offered her a job because she remains a dangerous player, and it is better to have her on-side. Dangerous is the operative word.

Male politicians (and editors) often ask their female colleagues to deal with 'family' issues, as they believe that women are somehow best placed for the job. In practise, these women increasingly constitute the profoundest threat to family life. All feminists want to do with the family is abolish it.

This attitude of men's has got to change. Men have just as much right, and ability, to formulate family policy as women have. Probably more in fact. The belief that the family is somehow women's domain is an old-fashioned sexist belief, but one that feminists like Hillary do not seem to be very keen on challenging. Funny that.

London Protest Action, 25th January



Join us to mark the death of another freedom.

At 2-5pm

On Sunday 25th January 2009

Parliament Square

Westminster, London.

Beware the kinky porn ban!

On the eve of the kinky porn ban commencing, CAAN are back in London for another awareness raising action about laws which criminalise adults because of their sexuality. A law we don't think the Government is publicising widely enough, which all adults who possess or access pornography need to know about.

This law is based on lack of evidence and lies!

Provisions 63-68 of the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008 come into effect on 26th January 2009. Despite lack of evidence, the government claims criminalising of the possession of what it calls 'extreme pornography' will reduce sex crime. In fact, what evidence exists provides grounds for thinking this measure will have exactly the opposite effect to that intended - making sex crime MORE prevalent.

This law creates harmless criminals!

This law now gives the police the power to invade anyone's home and interfere with their privacy. Convictions for possessing extreme porn will carry up to 3 years jail sentence and inclusion on the Sex Offender Register. Just for possessing an image.

This law gives murderers and abusers excuses!

Abuse is illegal, holding images of crimes is illegal and material which promotes abuse is illegal, and quite rightly so – so where's the need for a new law? This law is aimed at consensually made adult fantasy images and based on the bad excuses of a murderer. "The pictures made me do it".

What do we want? Autonomy! When do we want it? Now!

Please join us. Feel free to bring placards and banners and dress as you please, as long as it's not obscene or involving nudity. Yes, you can bring masks, chains and cuffs. Do not bring: alcohol, non prescription drugs or weapons.

If you can attend the action, or are able to assist with things behind the scenes like transporting equipment, people, or donating resources during the time surrounding the action, please get in touch with us ASAP at

CAAN's Statement:

"We believe in the right of consenting adults to make their own sexual choices, in respect of what they do, see and enjoy alone or with other consenting adults, unhindered and unfettered by government."

"We believe that it is not the business of government to intrude into the sex lives of consenting adults."

If you'd like to support this simple notion, please Sign Up

CAAN Consenting Adult Action Network


The porn ban commences 26th January. This is the commencement notice.

For anyone who still wasn't aware of this here's some links:

CJIA clauses which criminalise extreme pornography

Government guidance

Backlash - legal advice upon arrest

Guide to cleaning your computer, from Backlash

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Murray Strauss: Important DV Article

I must thank veteran MRA Angry Harry for pointing out this excellent journal article on Domestic Violence:

'Processes Explaining the Concealment and Distortion of Evidence on Gender Symmetry in Partner Violence', Murray A Strauss.

The full article is available to download as a PDF by clicking on the link above.

In this paper, Murray A Strauss lists the different ways in which feminist activists deliberately distort and conceal evidence in order to create the false impression that men are more violent to their partners than women. I recommend reading and publicising as widely as possible.

Send a copy to your MP or congressman.

The False Rape Society

I wanted to draw attention to this new blog The False Rape Society.

"This Web site was started by a U.S.-based attorney to help raise awareness about false, unfounded and wrongful rape accusations. Objectively verifiable data indicates that at least 9 percent and probably closer to half of all rape claims are false. (See, e.g., S. Taylor, K.C. Johnson, Until Proven Innocent.) Yet the crime of making a false rape report has become so embroiled in the radical feminist sexual assault milieu that it has been improperly removed from the public discourse about rape. Sexual assault counselors often disingenuously refer to the fact of false rape accusations as a "myth." Denigrating the experience of the falsely accused by dismissing their victimization as a myth is not merely dishonest but morally grotesque."

Monday, January 05, 2009

Baskerville on Divorce

I came across this stunningly good article by Stephen Baskerville, 'Divorced from Reality'. Excerpt:

"The decline of the family has now reached critical and truly dangerous proportions. Family breakdown touches virtually every family and every American. It is not only the major source of social instability in the Western world today but also seriously threatens civic freedom and constitutional government.

G. K. Chesterton once observed that the family serves as the principal check on government power, and he suggested that someday the family and the state would confront one another. That day has arrived.

Most Americans would be deeply shocked if they knew what goes on today under the name of divorce. Indeed, many are devastated to discover that they can be forced into divorce by procedures entirely beyond their control. Divorce licenses unprecedented government intrusion into family life, including the power to sunder families, seize children, loot family wealth, and incarcerate parents without trial. Comprised of family courts and vast, federally funded social services bureaucracies that wield what amount to police powers, the divorce machinery has become the most predatory and repressive sector of government ever created in the United States and is today’s greatest threat to constitutional freedom".