Sunday, January 25, 2009

Welcome to Stalinist Britain, Tovarich

Is there no limit to the authoritarianism and incompetence of the Labour Party?

This is the government which invaded two sovereign countries, killing and maiming hundreds of thousands of people, on completely trumped-up grounds.

This is the government which created an immigration free-for-all after coming to power, which may yet result in a far-Right backlash.

This is the government which wishes to implement compulsory ID cards for all citizens, supposedly to control the 'immigration' and 'terrorism' problems they themselves have created.

This is the government which plans to eavesdrop on the personal correspondence of every person in the UK, by storing all of it in a giant database administered by a private company.

This is the government which allowed the police to arrest an opposition MP in the House of Commons, just for embarrassing it over its immigration policy.

This is the government which has rigged the tax and benefit system to punish married couples, as part of a wider attempt to destroy marriage and the family.

This is the government which knowingly presides over an epidemic of false rape and child abuse allegations, as part of this same war against men and families.

This is the government which seeks to demonise male sexuality through draconian anti-prostitution and anti-pornography laws, all the while deliberately lying about the evidence.

This is their latest outrage:

Absent fathers who refuse to pay child support will lose their passports under 'draconian' new plans

Unprecedented plans to give bureaucrats the power to revoke people’s driving licences and passports without going through the courts will be unveiled this week.

Work and Pensions Secretary James Purnell will announce the far-reaching proposals on Tuesday as part of a new crackdown on absent fathers who refuse to pay for the upkeep of their children.

Officials in charge of pursuing them for child maintenance arrears would win the right to bypass judges and ban them from driving or travelling abroad at the stroke of a pen.

A legal expert said last night that the ‘draconian’ plans would give State officials the right to curtail people’s freedom of movement and would therefore breach human rights legislation. There are also fears that other civil servants will eventually be given the same sweeping powers.

Currently, officials at the Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission have to apply to the courts when they want to punish absent parents by cancelling their driving licence or passport.

But under the new system, defaulters would simply receive notification from the CMEC that they could no longer drive or travel abroad.

Smith and Harman's war against men is being stepped up a gear. Serious human rights violations seem to be absolutely fine by them, as long as they are happening to middle-class white men, that evil oppressor class. The right of the state to monitor and intervene in the private lives of innocent citizens is assumed by this cadre of ex (and possibly current) Marxists. The infinite growth of state power is being relentlessly pursued.

This government has to be stopped. We need a general election now.