Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Truth Will Out

The following is an excellent speech by Senator Nancy Schaefer. Thanks to Angry Harry for pointing this out.

Senator Schaefer talks about the 'child protection industry' in the US. She exposes the financial mechanism by which it operates, and comes to very similar conclusions to Steven Baskerville and others. This is an industry which gets paid by the taxpayer to break up innocent families. They more families it breaks up, the more money it makes. The naive taxpayer wrongly believes that the money is being used to protect neglected and abused children from harm. The opposite is the case. By taking children away from perfectly good parents and grandparents, they are exposed to much greater risk of abuse, including sexual molestation. They grow up to be disturbed and dysfunctional adults who exhibit a whole raft of additional social problems such as criminality and substance abuse, which - you've guessed it - need to be dealt with by even more 'professionals' with even more taxpayers' money.

The child protection industry in the UK is no different. The situation is the same across the entire English-speaking world. Left-wing governments have massively increased the size and power of the public sector - i.e. themselves - using OUR money, but without our permission, to break up our families and sieze our children, simply in order to justify their own existence, to grub for votes, jobs and money for themselves and their cronies.

There is one thing that Senator Schaefer has overlooked, however. Although she is completely correct in saying that legalised child-snatching has become a substantial business across the Western World, it is not just about money. It is also about Left-wing ideology. The motives of those involved no doubt vary. For many lawyers and therapists, it no doubt is simply about money. But for many activists in the industry, it is also about destroying the family, marriage, men and heterosexuality. It is an attempt to re-engineer human society according to a 1970s Marxist-lesbian agenda.

Senator Schaefer very accurately describes the child protection industry in the US as 'a criminal political phenomenon which must be stopped'.

Even more alarming, the child protection industry is not alone in this. Consider that exactly the same thing is true of the domestic violence industry, which consistently lies and misrepresentes the facts about domestic violence. Again, it has nothing at all to do with protecting women. It is about getting paid by the government to break up marriages. These are of course two components in the same machine, working in perfect harmony.

'Family Protection services' in the Western world have developed into an unprecedented criminal racket which must be challenged.