Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Female Paedophilia Coming to Light at Last

On the day that Vanessa George is to be sentenced, yet another female 'predatory paedophile' is sent down.

Carol Clarke, 46, assaulted children she followed into toilets in Grimsby and other parts of Lincolnshire, she told detectives.

Grimsby Crown Court heard she was sexually aroused by watching young children urinate and from seeing them looking distressed when they needed to go to the toilet.

Sentencing Clarke, Judge David Tremberg yesterday told her she would have to serve a minimum of four year in prison.

This raises a few issues. Firstly, what is the point of sentencing people like that to shortish prison sentences, only to have them re-offend on release? What they need is some kind of psychiatric treatment, such as cognitive behavioural therapy, to try to end their sexual interest in children. In the meantime, they need to be contained for the safety of the public.

Secondly, the George case in particular calls into question the government's authoritarian, panic-stricken response, in insisting on Criminal Records Bureau checks for every adult who comes into contact with children. Vanessa George had passed a CRB check. Ian Huntley had never taken one, but had he taken one, he would have passed it. The government's measures constitute a frightening new level of state interference in the family, while doing little or nothing to protect children.

More importantly, what does the feminist movement have to say on the subject of Vanessa George and Carol Clark? Nothing. All I hear is a deafening silence. Crickets chirping. Facts like these are inconvenient for the self-serving, crypto-fascist ideologues who constitute the feminist movement.

The fact is that the feminist movement has been endorsing and concealing paedophiles for years in just the same way that the Catholic Church has. What matters to these organisations - the only thing that matters to them - is their reputations. For decades, the feminist movement has actively promoted the lie that all women are compassionate angels of mercy, and all men are savage, dangerous monsters. This poisonous mythology has been used as an instrument to break up marriages and families, and to separate men from women and children. This may serve the interests of the handful of Marxist lesbians who dominate the movement, but it does not serve anyone else's interests.

Female paedophiles like these in the news are an important type of counter-evidence, which is why we must draw maximum attention to them. The feminist movement just does not know what to say about them. It just has to hope that the rest of us will not notice. The best story they can come up with is usually that it wasn't really her fault, a bad man made her do it.

By denying the existence of this kind of behaviour, the feminist movement is hindering efforts to protect children. It is not only self-serving and dishonest, it is about as deeply socially irresponsible as it is possible to imagine.

Come on feminists! Tell us why it is that some women commit sexual offences! Stop pretending it doesn't happen!