Sunday, January 24, 2010

Labour Launches New Domestic Violence Scare-Panic

One morning last November the nation awoke to the fantastic news that young children are going to be taught in school that violence against women is a bad thing. Reference

The policy clearly implies the following:

  • That domestic violence against men is much less important.
  • That domestic abuse which is not physical violence somehow does not matter.
  • That ‘domestic violence’, sometimes called ‘intimate partner violence’, is somehow worse, or more important, than other kinds of violence.

As such, it is highly questionable on every one of these points.

  • The scientific evidence shows that women are just as violent as men, if not more so.
  • When it comes to psychological violence, women, not men, are the principal perpetrators.
  • Men are more likely than women overall to be victims of violence.

The BBC even states this last point in its own laughably-entitled ‘analysis’ article by one Sue Littlemore.

“When it comes to violent crime, in general, the statistics suggest men are the most likely victims. So why is the government launching a campaign to end violence against women and girls in particular? The difference is that women disproportionately become the victims of these crimes.”

This statement does not appear to make any sense. She starts off by admitting that according to the evidence, men are more likely than women to be victims of violence. But then she simply asserts the opposite; that women are more likely than men to be victims of violence. This seems to be extremely poor writing, but it fulfils its mission politically; it asserts the primacy of women’s interests over men’s, re-states the feminist misrepresentation of the issues, and supports the Labour government’s Statist, Left-wing policies.

The BBC is supposed to be an impartial news organisation, and as such, this editorial is a disgrace. It does not even attempt to examine any scientific evidence on domestic violence, question the feminist agenda, or ask whether this kind of State-sponsored social engineering is appropriate. This seems to lend weight to charges that the BBC has become the mouthpiece of the cultural Left. Maybe it is just weak, lazy journalism. But either way round, it doesn’t look very good for the BBC.

Contrast these assumptions, underpinning government policy, with the fact that

‘More than half of women questioned at a Glasgow university said they approved of wives hitting their husbands’. Reference

or the scientific evidence on the subject, which I find myself repeating time and again.

“Before qualifying, trainee teachers will have to learn about teaching gender awareness and domestic violence.”

“Gender awareness”? In another time and place not so far away, trainee teachers had to learn the doctrines of Marxism-Leninism, or Racial Hygiene. This is nothing different. We should be deeply worried by this. What exactly is ‘gender awareness’? Are children unable to distinguish girls from boys? Of course they can. Gender awareness is a harmless-sounding name for radical feminist propaganda. Classrooms are for education, not social engineering.

There is not a child alive who does not already know that boys should not hit girls. It is a perennial playground meme. Boys taunt boys with it, and it is reinforced. Girls also taunt boys with it, and it is their first step to understanding that hurting men is essentially risk free.

What is known as the Cultural Left is as great a threat to civil liberties in this country as the classical Left once was. Harman has always been completely in the pocket of the radical feminist lobby, and it is from there that all of her insane-sounding proposals emanate.

The latest domestic violence panic is one last twitch from a dying regime. It won’t be long now.

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BrusselsLout said...

I always know ahead of reading that whenever I spot the groups of letters "BBC" or "Harman" in the text something is going to make me flip my lid.

Basically, the law has always come down to words and definitions. But in decades long gone by when it was exclusively men drawing these definitions up they were based on principle and fairness.

What do we have now?

1. Women cannot commit a domestic crime -- by definition.

2. Women cannot be violent -- by definition.

This is a logical extension of the older but equally lunatic concept of rape within marriage. If a wife wants sex to stop because she suddenly remembered a 10 year old disagreement over curtains, but it doesn't for another minute, it's a SERIOUS crime BY DEFINITION.

What is all this? It's control freakery taken to pathological extremes. And it is only to be expected of a political party that once voted in the kind of leader who would become a war criminal.