Saturday, April 17, 2010

Titanic Day Petition

You can sign this petition here.

"We hereby proclaim the 15th of April to be Titanic Day. It is a day of reflection and contemplation for men who reject the tenets of chivalry, feminism and all other forms of male indentured servitude.

We seek on this day to remind ourselves, our sons and each other of our intrinsic, inalienable worth as human beings. We collectively reject that any ideology or social code that would reduce us to mere utility or regard our state as disposable."

I'm not sure that I do 'reject the tenets of chivalry'. I think chivalry has a plausible evolutionary basis. I just think that women should stop, through the offices of the feminist movement, biting the hand that feeds them. The fact is women benefit from chivalry, and yet they manage to make out that it is somehow an evil conspiracy against them. I still want to hear a feminist explaining why is was that back in the bad old days of the Patriarchy, before feminists saved the world, it was women and children first in the lifeboats. Why was it not men first in the life-boats?

There is an interesting article here: Titanic Sized Hatred by Feminists Predates Second Wave

Apparently feminists were whining even at the time, diminishing men's contribution.

"Mis [sic] Sylvia Pankhurst, sister of Cristabel, was asked how the remarkable proportion of women saved accorded with the suffragette theory that chivalry was dead. She said she did not want to minimize in any way the gallantry displayed, but it must be born in mind that it was the universal rule in the cases of shipwreck that women and children should be saved first and that the instance of the Titanic was not the only one in which that was carried out. It was merely a matter of rule. There was no special chivalry attached to it."

She did not bother to reflect on the fact that any such 'universal rule' in fact constitutes a female privilege, which must be offset against any apparent under-privilege. She assumes that a seat in the lifeboat is simply a part of her entitlement.


Miss Ondrya said...

We're all equal. Until the ship sinks.

BrusselsLout said...

Sylvia Pankhurst is a cartoon battleaxe. A caricature.

But when the politics of a whole country is based on the philosophy of would-be joke characters, it's disturbingly serious.