Sunday, June 13, 2010

Abusegate: It's About Time This Scandal Surfaced.

Abusegate: The Most Important Word in the English Language.
'Abusegate' refers to the systematic distortion of the truth about partner aggression by representatives of the domestic violence industry. Reference

"The story of Abusegate is as much about the attempt by feminists to obscure their real intentions as it is about feminist attempts to conceal the reality of partner abuse, in order to claim the issue as their own, and possibly the only issue available at the time to keep this essentially destructive philosophy alive. Reference

[In the 1970s and 1980s] except for the halls of academia, which began to offer “women’s studies” courses, and a few academicians pushing “feminist law,” and “feminist psychology,” the general public had little interest in a movement that was so clearly designed to create antipathy between not only the sexes, but between career women and those choosing more-traditional paths for themselves.

It was about the same time that the issue of partner abuse began to emerge as an issue on the public radar. In 1971, Erin Pizzey founded the first shelter for abused women in the UK. There were also a few shelters for women developing independently in various places in the US.

This did not escape the attention of the zealots of the feminist faith and other opportunistic women. Surely there was profit and power to be gained in promoting this cause.

A theory regarding abuse was formulated, relying almost entirely on feminist supposition and the input from self-identified abused women. There has never been any kind of formal research or investigation of the feminist theory of abuse; it has simply been presented as a fait accompli and seldom, if ever, questioned. A look through the “Herstory,” (on the Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse website, funded by your tax dollars) reveals a stunning lack of mention of research of any kind behind the feminist concept of domestic violence.

This is probably the most astonishing fact of Abusegate: While Climategate has at least some basis in research and scientific theory, there is none whatsoever behind the myriad programs and laws established since the 1970s by the so-called, “Battered Women’s Movement.” Even the term itself was created for its impact by feminists whose goals had very little to do with providing aid for women."

Once we've jailed those responsible for AbuseGate, we need to turn our attention to RapeGate, PaedophiliaGate and PayGapGate. Feminists are people who quite literally lie for a living. They have got to be stopped.


BrusselsLout said...

"Once we've jailed those responsible for AbuseGate, we need to turn our attention to RapeGate, PaedophiliaGate and PayGapGate. Feminists are people who quite literally lie for a living. They have got to be stopped."

Exactly. A whole party's corruption -- Labour's corruption -- is rooted in feminism.

And it may take a couple of decades before the perpetrators of these political crimes are prosecuted. (Some will indeed be dead by then.) It will take years of campaigning by men to put the necessary machinery into place.

We know:

1. Labour have brought in oppressive new laws designed to appease tabloid readers because this group forms the juiciest source of votes. (For example, after the Soham murders, the knee-jerk reaction was to set up a new database to monitor adults working with children. This database is now, with the new government, to be scrapped.)

2. They have never hesitated to introduce authoritarian measures to keep greater control.

3. British police have behaved abominably -- such as by forcing tourists to delete photos -- and still fear no prosecution, even under the new government.

4. Labour have expanded police powers EVEN into domestic affairs.

5. Labour have used nasty quangos like the NSPCC to demonize men and enable the introduction of draconian measures facilitating easier monitoring and control.

6. Labour have even suggested getting people off the internet -- the public's greatest platform for free speech -- for copyright infringement!

To hold office, a party needs a sense of honour. Labour has broken that honour. It has got away with what it has because of the lack of any legal machinery to stop them. Labour politicians, as individuals, did not feel any sense of duty as human beings to respect the people they were responsible for.

All Labour politicians responsible should be prosecuted and prevented from holding public office again. Labour should be disbanded as a political party. (Tony Blair, Peter Mandelson, Gordon Brown, Harriett Harman, just for starters, I would like to see imprisoned for years before being thrown into a sausage machine.)

I passionately supported Labour for a quarter of a century. Now, I can't even mention their name without boiling over and wanting to punch walls.

Heretic said...

"Labour have even suggested getting people off the internet -- the public's greatest platform for free speech"

That is precisely why they fear it. Jacqui Smith when Home Secretary talked about introducing a licence to blog! An astonishing act of authoritarianism. Do you think Heretic's application would be turned down?

Labour was an utter train-wreck of a government. It is difficult to imagine a worse set of outcomes than the one they gave us.

Like you, I voted for them but thank goodness they are out of power at last.

schopenbecq said...

Yes, we need to jail feminists for their blatant lies, and when those lies are clearly used to promote their own individual sexual power (as they often are) we need to jail them for attempted rape.

And in all seriousness, somebody really should try to hold them legally accountable at last. For example, taking Jacqui Smith to the European court of human rights over her blatant lies and exaggerations over sex trafficking (and used to justify laws that criminiize men). Even if the action didn't succeed, it would at least draw massive and embarrasing attention to feminist's sexual motivations.

BrusselsLout said...

Gentlemen -- some good news.

Nick Clegg has had a new website, Your Freedom, set up for members of the British public angry with the erosion of their civil liberties over the last few decades.

It is an invitation for ideas of changes you would like to see made, such as which laws you would like to see abolished.

I've already made a couple of entries and will be making more.

So take advantage of it! Tell them what you want to see changed!

UnicyleBloke said...

Actually, there is a considerable amount of relevant research on partner aggression. It shows the feminist claims up for the misandric political hogwash that they are.

Essential reading is the scholarly review article by Dutton and Nicholls in 'Agression and Violent Behaviour' 10 (2005) pp 680-714. This pulls together three decades of research.