Thursday, September 30, 2010

What Men Know that Women Don't


fuck said...

thanks for posting this, Rich Zubaty

Heretic said...

@fuck're welcome

BrusselsLout said...

To anyone who hasn't yet read Rich's book What Men Know That Women Don't, I highly recommend it. It's both angry and funny from cover to cover, and the anger it expresses will reflect your anger. Through the enormous differences between men and women and our ever deepening collective feminization through the millennia, it uncovers a link between the modern greedy corporate culture -- of which western governments are an inseparable part -- and feminism.

Exactly. Feminism.

A classic.

Brenda Blessed said...

It is high time that someone pointed those facts out in just that way.

Feminists make out that men are just rapists, women oppressors, child abusers, women traffickers, etc. when they would be sitting on bare ground if all of the things that men have created were subtracted.

And many women are so gullible that they have swallowed that feminist line hook and all to the point where they have chosen to live on their own - many of them at the expense of the state.

Heretic said...

"they have chosen to live on their own - many of them at the expense of the state".

Expanding the size and power of the state is, arguably, the whole purpose of feminism.