Sunday, November 21, 2010

State-Sponsored Child Kidnap Legal in UK

I urge you to read this astonishing, terrifying story. I can't believe that this has happened in Britain. Even in Stalin's USSR, it would seem excessive.

"Forced adoption: another win for the child snatchers

In 43 years of medical practice, said the family’s GP, he had “never encountered a case of such appalling injustice”. To their neighbours, it was so shocking that up to 100 of them were ready to stage a public protest, until being banned from doing so by social workers and the police".


BrusselsLout said...

This story is exactly the stuff of Stephen Baskerville's Taken Into Custody, which uncovers far more disturbing and harrowing cases, and, if you can believe it, a countless number of them. This local government kidnap case in the UK, appalling though it is, really ain't nothing compared to these.

The only reason it made the national press is because the mother here is the victim as well as the (incidental) father.

Alan said...

As a fairly recent divorcee I was the subject of a CAFCASS investigation. The SW responsible for the report was badly-prepared, poorly-educated and totally deaf to any of my concerns. Her report was totally biased in the mother's favour and gave every appearance of being a "stock" report suitable for use on every occasion with only the names changed. As a highly-educated professional, this report was the most shocking event in my life. I was seeking a perfectly reasonable joint custody arrangement with both of us having equal access. However, after the totally skewed report my wife got residence and I was left with alternate weekend contact. I never thought that in an English court of law I would simply have no voice. Keep up the good work! These people have far to much power and seem to be a law unto themselves.