Saturday, December 18, 2010

A small victory for families against the SS

Couple who fled UK after social workers took their child are declared fit parents by Spanish officials and reunited with baby No2

A baby boy who was snatched from his parents on the authority of social workers has been returned after tests showed the couple are perfectly capable of caring for him.

Ten-month-old Daniel was back home with his parents last night after spending most of his young life in an orphanage.

The couple had fled to Spain, where Daniel was born in February, after their other child, Poppy, now two, was seized by Suffolk social services and put up for adoption.

They had deemed the couple ‘unfit’ parents who might emotionally harm their daughter in the future.

This decision was roundly criticised in the Commons by local MP Tim Yeo as ‘tantamount to child kidnap’.

Daniel was still being breast-fed by Carissa in hospital when Spanish social workers, acting on a tip-off from Suffolk, took him and placed him in an orphanage in Valencia.

Now, in a snub to their UK counterparts, Spanish social workers say Jim and Carissa are no danger to Daniel.

Jim, a 42-year-old legal adviser, and Carissa, 32, plan to sue Suffolk social services for breaking up their family.

The return of Daniel is a breakthrough for scores of families who have fled overseas to escape the clutches of British social workers.

In a separate move, Jim and Carissa, along with 35 families, have launched unprecedented legal action against UK family courts which have taken 50 of their children for forced adoption. All were deemed at risk of ‘future emotional harm’ from their parents, a condition unproven in science and often used as the premise to remove children from families by social workers.

One of the comments is “Often the CPS have orders for children to fill, a lot of PC gay couples want children, anyone's children, at any cost. In their rush to get their hands on these children the CPS will use any pretext. After all if an accused parent tries to bring in witnesses the closed courts say " shut your mouth and if you send so much as a birthday card to this child you are going to jail".

I'm not sure if the CPS is the body responsible - I suspect it has a lot more to do with radical feminists, radical gays and hard-Left sympathisers working within the SS itself - but the basic analysis is spot on.

Perhaps the tide is slowly turning at last.


JimmyGiro said...

"Perhaps the tide is slowly turning at last."

I think it is the faint glow of the moon; it wont be the tide, until the lumpies are exposed to examples in their choice of media, such as the Jeremy Kyle Show, or East Enders.

Heretic said...

Well, apparently the producers of EastEnders are regularly lobbied by the Invisible Empire, with demands that plot-lines must never feature female villains, only male ones, etc. I can't see it becoming father-friendly any time soon.