Saturday, April 30, 2011

Does the Left Never get Sick of its Own Bullshit?

'Where are the black people?' asks Sherri Shepherd as The View hosts discuss Royal Wedding

"Never mind who wore what, the View's Sherri Shepherd had another burning question about the Royal Wedding today.

'Where are the black people?' the outspoken actress, 44, asked as the panellists as they critiqued Prince William and Kate Middleton's ceremony.

Audrey Jones our producer was looking for the black people in the wedding and we found our Rosa Parks moment, because we were like 'where are the black people'?' she said.

'It was like where's Waldo, where are the black people?' she added".


Muggins said...

In the choir - if anyone had bothered to look. Probably in the audience as well

I'm always surprised that the left hasn't run out of steam. Someone is still drilling into their heads that this sort of thing is significant.

The Guardian newspaper is a particularly self-perpetuating bunch of clever-clever claptrap. Also students with a "conscience" tend to be sucked in by the left.

Leads me to think there should be special training courses in "how to think" in universities, as said institutions are failing to do this part of their job.

Anonymous said...

Is the Guardian newspaper owned by Israeli businessmen? If not, then who owns it?

Heretic said...

I have no idea who owns the Guardian, nor do I care. I hear it is making a loss though.

Dulantha said...

I agree.....

Left is always expecting the collapse of nationalities, cultures, religions, and all the valuable concepts of the society in any where.

People who are following this ideology have no observances for their lives.

The Phantom MRA said...

Where are the white people in this wedding? Well, maybe one, but she may simply be mixed and light skinned.