Saturday, April 30, 2011

You can’t have a laugh with a Lefty

I want to cross-post this outstanding article by the ever-excellent Simon Heffer.

"It has been noted before how Dave can be careless with facts in a way that prime ministers ought not to be. It suggests a casual approach to his job and a lack of what East End gangsters call "respect" for the electorate that he serves. He was at it again on Wednesday, when he accused a nonentity former Labour MP of having been defeated at the last election when, in fact, he stood down.

What followed, however, was of great interest both politically and culturally. A harridan Labour MP pointed out Dave's mistake. Had Dave been a gent he would have apologised, and that would have been the end of it. But Dave doesn't do humble. He does, though, think he does jokes, and quoted a lapidary line of the celebrated self-publicist Michael Winner by way of trying to sidestep his error. He told Angela Eagle, the harridan, to "calm down, dear".

There followed an outbreak of the demented self-righteousness that the Left has cornered the market in during the era of militant political correctness. Miss Eagle seemed little short of requiring medical attention. Ed Balls said if he addressed his wife in those terms she would "clock" him. (I wish to know no details of the Balls marriage, but why should Mrs Balls wait for such an excuse? Few others would.)

I suspect even Dave has the manners not to address a woman with whom he is not well acquainted as "dear" except in jest. His mistake, however, was to think that these people are easy-going types who like a laugh. He has, at least, now admitted he realises that the Left doesn't have a sense of humour.

In that, Dave and I are in rare agreement. Lefties, with one or two notable exceptions, are a sour, boot-faced lot. They are inevitably so because they are motivated by grievance and envy, neither of which is a sentiment guaranteed to put joy in one's heart. They seek offence where none is intended; they strive to suppress individuality of expression; they like to control others. Humour, whose main purpose throughout existence has been to deflate such priggish, pompous and sour attitudes, is therefore the enemy of militant Lefties, who wish to standardise attitudes and behaviour, and whose political project is to enforce and inflict as much control as possible over others.

One reason why any "comedy" programme on Radio 4 is unlistenable is that the "comedians" on it, restricted to a narrow range of targets, are about as funny as putting one's head in a mincer. For generations our humour was based on the quirks of foreigners, something the Left regards as making us racists. Funny, then, that a nation almost entirely without humour – Germany – was responsible for the most notorious genocide in history, while we, the supposedly racist jesters, were the people who fought against it.

Comedians who are not Leftists have more or less been driven out of business. Bernard Manning was martyred in this cause. Jim Davidson is in the process of following him, not because he isn't funny, but because he was a strong supporter of Mrs Thatcher. Long after she left office, the spiteful little creeps who form the "comedy" establishment of this country would get laughs from their bovine audiences simply by mentioning her name. When they became too young to remember her, the words "George Bush" were used to the same effect. That is what Dave is up against.

He should apologise for his slight on Dr Stoate, the undefeated MP; but he should continue to tell Miss Eagle and her sort to get lost, dear. Things in this country are bad enough without having our jokes nationalised too".

Mr Heffer didn't really pick up on Comrade Balls' casual admission that his wife engages in domestic violence. Domestic violence (because let's face it, that's what it is) is one of the feminist movement's most precious shibboleths; second-only perhaps to rape as the most sacred of sacred cows. As I have shown elsewhere, most DV is committed by women. The feminist movement has been systematically misrepresenting the issue for decades in order to increase its own power and funding.

It does nothing at all about the double standards in operation. Can you imagine the reaction if a female MP admitted that her husband 'clocked' her for expressing the wrong view? To make it worse, Balls' wife is the politician Yvette Cooper, who is evidently the latest incarnation of Labour's 'big clunking fist'. Can you imagine a male politician who is a known wife-beater being allowed to stay in office?

Mr Heffer is wrong: Lefties do like a laugh. Domestic violence is funny when women do it to men.

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Dulantha said...

Lefties are destroying their own nationalities.

They can laugh with their stupid followers........