Saturday, July 09, 2011

RIP Thomas James Ball, father

On Friday June 15, 2011, the world became aware of a man who after years of being brutalized by the family court system, decided to share his pain and outrage with the world, with the intent of shining a bright light on the ongoing feminist corruption and the systematic destruction of human beings by a corrupt court system.

The man’s name was Thomas James Ball. He doused himself in gasoline then self immolated on the steps of a family courthouse in New Hampshire. Mr. Ball chose to use his own agonizing death to focus public attention on the corruption of the family courts. The mainstream media has no interest in human suffering, when it belongs to a man, and before just now, you have probably never heard of him.

In understanding this story, we must first ask ourselves -- How much personal agony, how many years of pain does a human have to endure before death by self immolation seems like a rational choice?

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Anonymous said...

At least now the jail system can't get its hands on him, the legal system can no longer squeeze him for every cent, and his wife can no longer exploit him for everything she can get out of him. For a few minutes of agony, he deprived a lot of bottom-dwellers of their vital sustenance. Even if the MSM manages to keep this quiet, still he succeeded in ending his ignoble self-sacrifice with a much more noble one.

BrusselsLout said...

Big news that's not even in the news. Someone is benefitting from keeping it out.

Anonymous said...

Lol, like Jan Palach, except Jan Palach brought down the Iron Curtain, this guy is just dead.

BrusselsLout said...

"Big news that's not even in the news. Someone is benefitting from keeping it out." No one benefits from publishing this. It's depressing news that won't gain profit. Too bad the media isn't as Liberal as the Founding Fathers would've liked.

Dulantha said...

Today feminists are controlling the legal systems and main stream media. That is why they ignored this incident. This man's life is not important for both law and media.
I personally think that media tried to conceal this from the society.