Saturday, September 03, 2011

Is feminism killing the left?

Hat-tip to Angry Harry for pointing this out.

I've noticed for some time now that left-wing men are starting to turn against feminism. You can see it even in the men's rights movement, where left-wing men continue to support all the old causes but draw the line at feminism which they treat with unyielding hostility.

And I do understand why. After all, why be a left-wing man in the first place? You get treated as being part of an oppressor class and therefore as lacking moral status.

In such a culture what really is the point of being a left-wing man? You lose moral status for being a white, heterosexual oppressor. And the women you consort with are not only at war with their own femininity, and not only convinced that they are oppressed by men, but they might also unpredictably throw out an accusation that you have assaulted or raped or otherwise oppressed them.

This is my experience entirely. The Left offers men nothing. Left-wing women are also generally appalling partners. Why bother with the Left at all? If you are a man, the Left doesn't want you anyway. You can best serve the the interests of the Left in your assigned role as cardboard cut-out pantomime villain.


Razlo-MRA said...

Absolutely correct my friend.
I myself was a man of the left until becoming an MRA. After that first big step though, I realized the right was the side I've always belonged to. I don't support the MRM to push my newfound political affiliation, but it is simply impossible to deny that feminism & men's rights are left/right issues. Thats just a fact. You can either accept that reality or continue on in your self-imposed stupefied daze.
Yeah, yeah, chivalry is across the board, but our enemies who are the source of institutionalized misandry & female supremacy are all card carrying leftists.

BrusselsLout said...

I've been supporting the political left for maybe 25 years. Pulled out some years ago.

The problem is, I do not see what the right has to offer men either. The British Conservatives have no policies giving acknowledgement to men's issues. Indeed, the latest offer from this lot was -- wait for it -- to start putting WOMEN first.

Sound familiar?

Moreover, I do not hear the American Republicans saying the magic word "men".

If Conservatives began to visibly put together some policy ideas recognising us as citizens and human beings, I would be over to them like a shot. But this has not happened despite probably over 10 years of opportunity for it to happen.

There is a gaping political vacuum, and I would not yet like to bet on which party will start moving to occupy it.

Ollie said...

5 years ago I proudly identified as a leftist. Today, not so much (to put it lightly).

I can tell you with a sense of complete certainty that the reason men identify with the left is that it appeals to their sense of chivalry and protective instincts.

Though there are quite a few manginas in the mix, leftist men are by and large white knights, who have bought into the "oppressed woman" stories hook, line, and sinker.

The fact of the matter is that this "woman as sweet, innocent victim" paradigm is the reactor core that has been powering the fembot death star. If we can break down that cultural narrative, we can get men to abandon leftism (and tacit support of fembot activity) in droves.

When the rough riding brave knight realizes he's dutifully saving a gorgon (and not a fair damsel), he'll turn his trusty steed around, right quick.

That's one less man to lend his money, votes, confidence and hard work to an oppressive system.

As an added bonus, if we can reduce the male leftist count far enough, most of the women who remain will start to turn on each other.

Break down the paradigm, and the system will follow.

Anonymous said...

Left wing men lack an important masculine attribute
I have no faith in left,right ,liberal or otherwise.
The libertarians like Ron Paul offer
something because they want less government. Government the state the wretched nanny State has been the consistent enemy of men.
Its good men on the left wake up
and join the peasant class in overthrowing the political elite
both the puppet on the left and the puppet on the right.
The only leftish thing I claim is symapthy for the working man the underdog that would be most ordinary men.
The dawn is in sight gents it may be darkest before dawn. But the dawn is nigh