Saturday, September 03, 2011

Is feminism killing the left?

Hat-tip to Angry Harry for pointing this out.

I've noticed for some time now that left-wing men are starting to turn against feminism. You can see it even in the men's rights movement, where left-wing men continue to support all the old causes but draw the line at feminism which they treat with unyielding hostility.

And I do understand why. After all, why be a left-wing man in the first place? You get treated as being part of an oppressor class and therefore as lacking moral status.

In such a culture what really is the point of being a left-wing man? You lose moral status for being a white, heterosexual oppressor. And the women you consort with are not only at war with their own femininity, and not only convinced that they are oppressed by men, but they might also unpredictably throw out an accusation that you have assaulted or raped or otherwise oppressed them.

This is my experience entirely. The Left offers men nothing. Left-wing women are also generally appalling partners. Why bother with the Left at all? If you are a man, the Left doesn't want you anyway. You can best serve the the interests of the Left in your assigned role as cardboard cut-out pantomime villain.

Elizabeth Valad, Victim of Feminism

I have written before about the intensive but self-defeating efforts to eliminate prostitution during the New Labour years of Blair and Brown, led by feminist politicians such as Harriet Harman and Jacqui Smith. These efforts are not only dishonest, self-serving, politically-motivated and doomed to failure; they also lead directly to the deaths of women. One such was Elizabeth Valad, often known as Lizzie.

Just before we begin our story, we need to know a little about the Red Light districts of London. The most famous one is Soho, where brothels have operated for at least 350 years. Girls work in apartments, or 'flats' as we Brits call them, which are typically above street-level business premises. Customers climb the stairs to the upper-storey, hence these establishments frequently being known as 'walk-ups'. The girls usually have a 'maid' to take care of the place, and often, it would seem, CCTV monitoring of the entrance. The working-girls of Soho are a widely accepted part of the vibrant fabric of the area, which also embraces the gay community, bars, restaurants and theatre. Soho is the night-life capital of London.

Another, different, much more seedy, aspect to the prostitution business in London is in the area around King's Cross station, a major railway and transport hub. Here, it seems, there are no walk-ups. No girls working in premises, no maids. There are only street-walkers hanging around outside the back of the station, in the darkened corners, back-alleys and side-streets, where they conduct their business.

Feminists don't like the working-girls of Soho. They want to shut them down. The police can arrest street-walkers, but they can't do anything about girls working in the walk-ups, because they are not breaking any laws.

Every so often, the authorities will try to pin trumped-up offences on them, like encouraging drug-dealing. It doesn't always work.

"...district judge Howard Riddle dismissed an application by the Metropolitan Police and Westminster Council to wind up a discreet little sex business in Dean Street. Women had been entertaining clients in two flats at the address for years, but they suddenly found themselves caught up in what many believe is a campaign to clear prostitutes out of their West End heartland.

The police claimed the brothel fostered anti-social behaviour and drug-dealing, but the claim crumbled when exposed to evidence from the community, which included testimony from the local rector, the Rev David Gilmore from St Anne's Church. He lives five doors away from the brothel and said he had never seen any drug dealing outside. Another witness said the brothel was crime-free, not least as it was monitored by CCTV". Reference

A few years ago, the abolitionists hit upon a great idea. They began to use Compulsory Purchase Orders. In the UK, the Compulsory Purchase Order gives the government power to buy private property without the owner's consent, if it is in the national interest. This is often done if the government decides to build a new road or a military base, for example. It is obliged to pay the owner the market value of the property. Westminster Council started to use Compulsory Purchase Orders to buy the walk-up brothels of Soho, so that it could close them down.

In one of those properties, at 61 Dean Street, Soho, a woman called Elizabeth Valad, who was originally born in the United States, worked as a prostitute. The authorities purchased the property, and threw her out. So, what did she do? Did she give up prostitution? Did she see the error of her foolish ways? Did she maybe go and take a degree in Women's Studies? Maybe join a feminist coven, and begin preaching hatred against men, Capitalism and the family? No.

She went to work in the back-streets of King's Cross, because she had nowhere else to work. There, in 2003, she encountered Anthony Hardy, a serial killer known as 'the Camden Ripper'. Hardy murdered Miss Valad, dismembered her body, and dumped it in garbage bags around various sites in north London. Her remains were discovered by a homeless man foraging for food in a garbage bin. Her head and hands have never been found. She was identified from her breast implants.

Well done feminists. Another stunning victory. When are you going to learn?