Saturday, October 15, 2011


I came across this excellent website, Register-Her.Com. In the past a British judge has called for a false accusers' register, to mirror the sex offenders' register. There is no chance of this happening, so some enterprising MRAs have started their own.

"While the serious problem of false rape allegations is now plaguing the criminal justice system, the family courts are suffering an even worse epidemic. The U.S. D.O.J. estimates that somewhere between two and three million restraining orders are issued annually. Many legal scholars recognize that the majority of these orders are issued on fabrications in order to get the upper hand in a divorce.

These accusations ruin lives, resulting in false imprisonment, destroyed reputations, financial devastation, loss of employment and even suicide. The unfortunate fact is the these destructive lies are almost never prosecuted, and even when they are rarely result in meaningful punishment. was established to bring attention to this problem, and to help ensure the safety of our community by creating a clearinghouse of information on known false accusers, most of which have committed their crimes with impunity. It also provides a place for the victims of false allegations to list the criminals who have acted against them so that their information is available to the general public.

Studies of crime statistics from across the western world point to the fact that women are becoming more violent, both physically and sexually; with children and with other adults. Women now constitute the majority of those who kill and intentionally cause physical harm to children in the home. They are also responsible for the lions share of elderly abuse and now even match men, blow for blow, in the realm of intimate partner violence.

Unfortunately, our society has reacted to this by failing to adequately address this criminal conduct in the justice system. Quite the contrary, some countries seem to be enabling criminality in women as a matter of policy. In the United States, the sentencing disparity for female criminals, compared to men, is greater than that between whites and other ethnic minorities. In the U.K., the government has issued advisories to magistrates instructing them to give women lighter sentences than men. The Ministry of Justice is also considering a proposal to abolish women's prisons altogether.

In Australia, it is now common for media sources to avoid printing the names of female pedophiles, even after their conviction for molesting children.

All this creates an environment of undue tolerance for female criminality that puts the general public, including our children, at increased risk. is a needed first step to begin the amelioration of this problem."