Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Doctor, 73, 'kicked out of bookstore for being alone in children's section'

Barnes & Noble has apologised to a 73-year-old man who was kicked out of one of its stores for browsing the children's section on his own.

Dr. Omar Amin, from Scottsdale, Arizona, said he was asked to leave after a female shopper told a worker she felt uneasy about his presence.

But the man, who is a world-renowned researcher of infectious diseases, said he was buying books for his two grandchildren.

'This is an insult to all men not just to me,' Amin told Azfamily.com.

'I left the store. I was upset like hell because I've been so insulted and humiliated in public for the charge of being a man.'

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Dulantha said...

This is another psychopathic behavior of women who are following feminism. this is a modern hysteria too. these women do not want to keep the social positive values. They only hate men.